EngageXU users can explore our 150+ clubs and organizations, connect with other members of an organization, check out upcoming campus events on their calendar, manage their own organizational involvement, contact club leaders and register for activities and events.


Logging on to EngageXU is easy, just go to Click "Xavier University Login" at the top of the page, then log in with your Xavier ID and Password.


The groups tab connects you to all of the organizations registered in EngageXU. By selecting this tab, you will see a menu of Xavier's student organizations.  

Ready to expand your involvement? EngageXU has multiple ways for you to join organizations. By clicking on the "Groups" tab to browse all of the opportunities, there is a "Join" button with each group that allows you to express interest in joining the group through EngageXU.

Another option is to contact the leaders of the organization directly. To do so, click the name of the organization, loading their public information, and under contact information you can then email the organization to find out information about joining the group or their next meeting time and location.


After logging into EngageXU you can update your profile information and picture by clicking on your account button.  You can upload a profile picture, update contact info, and demographics.  EngageXU also allows you to add your interests to your profile so it's easier for you to connect with groups on campus that share similar interests and hobbies!


By clicking on the "Events" tab at the top of your EngageXU page, you can access the campus calendar feature. The "Events" tool shows upcoming activities for all organizations in EngageXU. Adjusting the filter to a specific group, group type, event type, or event tags to will allow you to see specific events that may interest you. You can also click on "My Events" on the left sidebar to see specific events for the groups you are a member of.  

*EngageXU is designed to be the most compatible with Google Chrome & Safari. We encourage you to use Chrome or Safari in order to optimize your EngageXU experience. Some features may not load correctly in Internet Explorer.


Each Organization page (portal) have group links that allow you to interact with the organization. As a member of the organization, these group links allow you to communicate with other members of the group or to submit information to the group through EngageXU.

Members: You must connect with other members of your organization in order to browse their profiles and see what groups they are in.

Officers: This allows you to see who the organizations officers are and connect with them.

Messaging: This allows you to message members of the organization and can be found next to each members name.

Events: This allows you to view all of your organization's events on one calendar. You can also view the community-wide events calendar, which shows the events that have been made public to all community members.

Documents: This can be used as a digital cabinet of important documentation that can be customizable to who has access to files/folders.

Surveys & Forms: This is used to create online forms and surveys that are used to fill out and submit applications, registrations, surveys, assessments, and nominations.

Photos: This allows members to upload and share organization photos.

Videos: This allows members to embed and share videos.



Stay connected on the go! The EngageXU Apple and Android apps make it easy to find stay connected to your organizations. Download the Campus Groups App, then search for EngageXU and login with your Xavier credentials!

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