Club Finance


Your complete resource to student organization finance! Scroll down for video tutorials about your student organization fund, how to use financial forms, your funding options, and fundraising.


Use financial forms to spend money from your student organization fund. For more information about financial forms check out these videos:

Student Organization Student Cash Advance

  • Organizations can withdraw up to $300 of cash at a time.
  • Cash may be used to purchase goods but students must return receipts along with unspent cash to the Bursar.
  • Vendors cannot be paid in cash for any type of service or contractual performance. This includes payment via giftcard.
  • Services, including students performing a service such as DJ or graphic designer, cannot be paid in cash or giftcard.
  • Cash returns should be submitted within 5 business days. 

Student Organization Student Reimbursement Form

  • Students can be reimbursed for purchases up to $300 in cash from the Bursar. Over $300 is reimbursed via check but uses this same form.
  • You must upload receipts
  • We cannot reimburse for Sales Tax
  • Advisors will use a separate form

Student Organization Purchase Form

  • Order items from Amazon (please allow 3-5 business days for delivery)
  • Order office supplies from Office Depot (please allow 3-5 business days for delivery)
  • Used to pay vendors
  • Ask for a quote / contract
  • Ask for a W-9 form (IRS)
  • Reminders: Students that are being paid or hired need to be setup for student employment in order to be paid.  Please contact Student Involvement if you would like to coordinate to pay a student.



Check Your Club's Balance & Reviewing Transactions:

What's My Fund Number?

What's an Account Number?

What is a W9?

Do I Pay Sales Tax?

How to Make a Donation to an Outside Organization:

Contact the Office of Student Involvement if you are interested in making a donation.

Depositing Cash or Check in Your Club Fund:

Donation Letter Template - Coming Soon!



Student organization budgets are funding by the Student Activity Fee with the oversight of the Student Organization Committee within the Student Government Association. The student activity fee is designed to fund student-led initiatives that will directly benefit student life. All recognized clubs/organizations seeking funds are required to complete the annual Club/Organization Budget Request Form to receive a budget allocation. Request are only accepted during a small window in the Spring semester.

SGA Club Budget Allocation Request Form and associated documents under Club Allocations


The Student Organization Resource Fund (SORF) allocates supplemental funding to Clubs, University-Affiliated Organizations (UAOs) and SGA Subordinate Bodies from the Student Activity Fee. This funding is primarily provided to assist organizations with support in planning events, trip/travel costs, or the one-time procurement of permanent equipment related to the function of an organization. The funds allocated by SORF are to be used to help offset the costs associated with the organization's needs, not to cover all expenses. Organizations can only request up to 70% of the total cost of an event, trip, or equipment procurement. The remaining 30% must be generated by the organization through other means, including: Contribution of existing budget dollars, Fundraising, Financial co-sponsorship with other organizations. SORF funding requests must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the activity.

Find out more about SORF and apply

Special Funding Options:

Friedlander Family Fund Scholarship

Student Emergency Fund Application


Student organizations are encouraged to fundraise to raise money for its own purposes, to support a program or event, or to benefit a charity. Fundraisers are governed by the fundraising policy which exists to monitor the appropriateness and maximize the success of student organization fundraisers. 

The Office of Student Involvement manages the approval process for student organization fundraisers. The fundraiser must also have the approval of the student organization advisor. Offices and departments are encouraged to submit an event in EngageXU for all fundraising initiatives. Individual students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to host fundraisers.

Fundraising Policy

X-Cash Reader Loaner Equipment Agreement