On-Campus Student Employment

Virtual Student Employment Fair

The 2019 Virtual Student Employment Fair will be held
from Monday, July 15, 2019 through July 26, 2019.

To participate in the Virtual Student Employment Fair submit the Fall Fairs Participation Form before or by Wednesday, July 10, 2019.  Later submissions to participate will be accepted but would prefer to have them by July 10th to insure that your position is posted on time and that your position and department is included on the list of participants that students will be viewing prior to the Fair.

How the Virtual Fair Will Work:
  • Student Employment will post positions in Handshake during the Virtual Fair period of July 15, 2019 through July 26, 2019. Candidate applications will be restricted to first year students with a Federal Work Study award.
  • Students will login to Handshake during the Virtual Fair period to upload their resume (and any other documents requested by employer).  External applications can be included into the posting as well. Students will then view and apply for posted positions.
  • Supervisors will receive applicant information and then proceed with the following steps:
  1. Review each applicants information,

  2. Contact applicants via phone or e-mail,

  3. Conduct phone interviews* and/or schedule in-person interviews on-campus**

  4. Notify students who applied to your position(s) that you don't intend to hire. See example below.

    • Example: Thank you for applying for the Office Assistant student employee position at Xavier University. After reviewing applicant resumes and availability for fall semester, we identified those who most closely matched our needs at this time. Even though you were not among those selected for further consideration, we appreciate your interest and wish you success in your search for a campus position.
  5. Once students are offered and accept a position, submit a Payroll Authorization Form. Student Employment will notify you via e-mail to verify student's eligibility to begin working.

*Students may be hired from just a phone interview if you choose. If you offer a position to one or more students prior to the On-Campus Fair at Cintas and they have accepted, you should go ahead and submit a Payroll Authorization Form to get the new hire process started. Remind the students that they will need to bring acceptable forms of original ID to campus with them for I-9 verification as part of their new hire paperwork and that they can't start working until this has been completed.

**You may schedule in-person interviews on-campus either during the Student Employment On-Campus Fair on 8/20 at Cintas between 2:00 and 5:00 or at a different location on Campus as determined by you. Note, if students will be coming to campus for an interview prior to move in day, there won't be space on campus for them to stay.