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Sociology is the study of social life and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.

At Xavier, students learn and practice sociological methods and research within the Jesuit tradition, which emphasizes a learning through community engagement and service. Specific areas of focus include cultural diversity, inequality and social change. Graduates from the program go on to careers in law, higher education, public relations, nonprofits and urban planning.

Sample Courses

Xavier is known for providing an education that’s both challenging and personal. Here are some courses that are part of the Sociology major at Xavier:

Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 101) - social behavior within the context of group structure, society, and culture. Basic sociological terminology and methodology.

Culture & Society (SOCI 180) - Cross cultural study of human values, norms, and behavior. Contemporary American as well as remote and prehistoric cultures will be investigated from the anthropological perspective.

Investigating Social Life I (SOCI 352) - In-depth study of the basic steps and processes in scientific inquiry.

Contemporary Social Theory (SOCI 365) - Class, status, and power in social life. Systems of social inequality examined within a cross-cultural perspective.


Alternative Breaks

Each year, nearly 200 Xavier students transform their spring breaks into an opportunity to serve and give back. Alternative Breaks is a program dedicated to tackling injustices through education, direct service, and reflection by sending students to various locations across the country or abroad during Fall or Spring Break.

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97% of students from College of Arts and Science programs, including Sociology, are working, volunteering or in graduate school within six months of graduating.

Top Jobs: advocacy and community outreach coordinator, career services and government relations specialist, development ambassador, PR coordinator, medical sales

Top Companies: Cincinnati Public Schools, The Christ Hospital. PNC Bank, Imagination Stage, Loyalty 360, TriHealth

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Xavier is ranked #1 for its excellent academic reputation among top competitors in the region. Students get the most out of their education, from rigorous classroom studies to experiential learning in the real world.

Community Engagement

Photo of three sociology student working together to paint a railing blue

Community-engaged teaching is a cornerstone of a Xavier education. In these classes, students use sociological methods and research to help local people, nonprofits or small businesses.

Focused Courses

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Because many professional sociologists specialize in fields such as social organizations, social psychology and urban sociology, Xavier offers courses in each of these subsections.

Professional Experience

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Sociology students get matched with mentors and find guidance, support and career connections through our Career Services office.

Career Services

Kandi Stinson Leads Student Research into the Hidden Pockets of Hunger

“Learning by doing” fits well into Kandi Stinson’s approach to teaching research methods. And, as she puts it, “It’s even better if actually doing research has not only practical implications but is of service in the community.”

Sociology Major at Xavier University

Xavier's sociology majors have a sociological perspective based upon sound sociological methods and theories for a thorough understanding of social behavior. Students are encouraged to include job experience by participating in an internship in local social service agencies or related organizations.

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