Faces of Xavier

Xavier University. It does have a nice ring to it. But have you ever put a face with the name? When you walk through our campus, you won’t find the face of Xavier in one particular place. You’ll discover it’s all around you. You’ll see it in the classroom, the cafeteria, the gym and, as a Musketeer, you’ll certainly recognize it in the mirror. The face of Xavier belongs to everyone in the Xavier community; not in spite of the fact we’re different, but because we are.

Every person represents a distinct feature that goes into defining what Xavier looks like. Thanks to our differences, Musketeers share an undeniable resemblance.

We call it being All For One.

When we seek something more, we become something greater.

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Alan Apraku's "Faces of Xavier" video

Alan Apraku

Denver, Colorado
Computer Science

Aurelio Garcia 's "Faces of Xavier" video

Aurelio Garcia

Chicago, Illinois
Digital Media

Emilie Meyer's "Faces of Xavier" video

Emilie Meyer

St. Louis, Missouri
Communications and Digital Innovations, Film and Television (DIFT)

Alton Jenkins 's "Faces of Xavier" video

Alton Jenkins

Boston, Massachusetts
Economics and Sociology

Laura Congiunti's "Faces of Xavier" video

Laura Congiunti

Sports Management

Oma Ugwu's "Faces of Xavier" video

Oma Ugwu

Computer Science

Aiden Lenox's "Faces of Xavier" video

Aiden Lenox

Cincinnati, OH

Andrew Apollonio's "Faces of Xavier" video

Andrew Apollonio

Burlington, Kentucky
Philosophy, Politics and the Public

Natalie Hoffman's "Faces of Xavier" video

Natalie Hoffman

St. Paul, Minnesota
Social Work

Craig Berry 's "Faces of Xavier" video

Craig Berry

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Daniel Welch's "Faces of Xavier" video

Daniel Welch

Fairfax, Virginia
Data Science

Addison Burke's "Faces of Xavier" video

Addison Burke

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio


Ashley White 's "Faces of Xavier" video

Ashley White

Cincinnati, Ohio
Health Services Administration

David Hyland 's "Faces of Xavier" video

David Hyland

Indianapolis, Indiana

Terri Enslein's "Faces of Xavier" video

Terri Enslein

Cincinnati, Ohio

Deep Ramanayake's "Faces of Xavier" video

Deep Ramanayake

Sri Lanka
Computer Science

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Xavier University is a Jesuit Catholic university located in Cincinnati, OH. It was founded in 1831 and features over 90 undergraduate programs.