Priority Registration for Current Students

Priority Registration is for currently enrolled students only. All other students can participate in Open Registration. Students participating in Priority Registration will receive a scheduled registration time several weeks in advance to the beginning of Priority Registration.

Students are required to meet all financial obligations prior to registration.

Students can find their Priority Registration appointment by checking their Registration Status on the on the Student Hub. Student Hub > Self-Service > Student Services > Registration > Registration Status

Graduate Students

Currently enrolled graduate students may begin to register for classes any time after 8:00am on the first day of Priority Registration. The Office of the Registrar will not accept registrations prior to 8:00am on the first day of Priority Registration.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students eligible to participate in Priority Registration may register for classes anytime after their assigned registration time slot through the close of all registration at the beginning of the semester. Priority Registration appointments are determined based on the number of earned hours as of the end of the previous semester.

  • Undergraduate students are required to have an advisor's signature to register for classes
  • Registration may be conducted online through the Student Hub or in person in the Registrar's Office.

Online Learning

Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Extensive research shows that students succeed in online and blended courses when they possess certain capabilities and attributes. Before registering for an online course, please complete a self-assessment to find out if online learning is right for you.

Additional Online Learning Information

For additional Online Learning information please visit the Xavier Online Learning website.

Online and In-Person Registration Process

Information regarding registration can be found through the Student Hub under "Self-Service". Click on "Student Services" then "Registration" to check your Registration Status.

Registration cannot occur prior to a student's assigned time slot.

Online Registration

Online registration is conducted through the Student Hub under "Self-Service".

Mobile Registration

Course registration (i.e. course add/drop) functionality is now available. Add and drop courses anytime, anywhere via your mobile device. For more information, visit the Mobile Application website.

In-Person Registration

All undergraduates conducting registration In-Person require an advisor's signature on a completed Registration Form.

Closed Courses and Other Registration Errors

Class Override

A class override form must be obtained and signed by the department chair for admission into a closed class or if there is a restriction. The departments disburse the forms.

Class Withdrawal

Following the 7th calendar day of the semester all course removals will become a permanent fixture of an academic record and will be displayed as a "W" grade on a transcript. A grade of "W" does not affect a student's GPA. Online changes to a student's schedule is disabled at the start of the Withdrawal period.

Beginning with Spring 2016, students may withdraw from a course online through the Student Hub instead of using a paper form.

Other Registration Conditions

Open Registration

Open Registration begins after the conclusion of Priority Registration. This is open to all students who did not participate in Priority Registration.

Late Registration

Late registration begins on the first day of the semester and continues through the 7th calendar day of the semester.

Adding and Dropping Classes

Classes can be added and dropped from a student's schedule through the 7th calendar day of the semester with adviser's approval. Classes dropped during this period will have no repercussions on a student's academic record and will receive a 100% refund.


A drop/add form is required for course credit to be changed from credit to audit, or vice versa. Course taken as audit do not count toward full-time status for financial aid purposes. Refer to the University Catalog for academic policies regarding courses taken for audit.

Repeated Courses

A repeated course form is required for courses taken in previous semesters in which a students wishes to repeat. The form will ensure that the original course grade is excluded from the student's grade point average. A course can only be repeated 3 times Refer to the University Catalog for academic policies regarding repetition of courses.

Course Load

Undergraduate Students: 18 hours maximum
Graduate Students: 15 hours maximum

Permission to exceed maximum course load limits, even if additional hours are being taken for audit, must be obtained from the college dean in writing and can be requested in advance. When written approval is submitted to the office of the registrar in advance of priority registration, the adjustment to the course load will be made by the beginning of priority registration.

Courses at Other Institutions

Non-Consortium Credit

Students desiring to take courses at an accredited non-consortium university must receive prior approval from their academic adviser and dean. To start this process the student must take the Off-Campus Approval Form and a copy of the other institution's description for the course to their academic advisor and dean to receive permission and verify that the credit will transfer. Credit will only be granted if a grade of "C" or better was earned. This grade will not be placed on the student's Xavier record and is not computed into their Xavier GPA. Once the course has been completed, the student must request a transcript be sent to the Office of the Registrar at the following address:

Xavier University
Office of the Registrar
Attn: Transfer Credit
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207-3351

Please view our University Catalog for more information.

Consortium Credit

Through the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3), any student registered at least half-time may register at other schools in the area for courses not available at Xavier, subject to the approval of their college dean. For details about cross-registration, check with the Office of the Registrar.

The member institutions include:

  • Art Academy of Cincinnati
  • Athenaeum of Ohio
  • Chatfield College
  • The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Cincinnati Christian University
  • Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
  • College of Mount St. Joseph
  • Gateway Community and Technical College
  • God's Bible School and College
  • Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science
  • Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
  • Miami University
  • Northern Kentucky University
  • Thomas More College
  • Union Institute and University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Wilmington College
  • Xavier University