Office of the Registrar

Classroom Information

Event Reservations

Event reservations can only be completed for the current term. Please complete the online Room Request for the appropriate dates. Student groups are required to provide a faculty or staff sponsor. For information regarding any special needs for the class room please contact the appropriate offices:

  • Instructional Media requirements (audio/visual) - contact Instructional Media Services, 513/745-3603
  • Tables/Chairs/Misc. furniture requirements - contact Physical Plant, 513/745-3151
  • Food/Beverages - contact Cintas Center Catering, 513/745-3717

Classroom with students and profesor teaching

Instructor Preferences/Classroom Swap

Please contact Michael Svihlik for all questions regarding classroom preferences for courses.

Building Information

For a complete description of each classroom, please visit the Classroom Inventory page on the Physical Plant website.

Classroom Codes
Building Code Building Name
ALB Albers Hall (Biology)
ALU Alumni Center
ALT Alter Hall
ARM Armory
CIN Cintas Center
COH Cohen Center
CLC Conaton Learning Commons
EDC Edgecliff Hall
ELT Elet Hall
FLN Flynn Hall
GSC Gallagher Student Center
HAI Hailstones Hall
HIN Hinkle Hall
HUB Health United Building
JOS Joseph Hall
LND Lindner Hall (Physics)
LOG Logan Hall (Chemistry)
MEZ Musketeer Mezzanine (Justice Hall)
SMF Schmidt Memorial Fieldhouse
SMH Smith Hall (Business)
STT Schott Hall
Misc Codes
Miscellaneous Codes Location
NONE No Room Required
OFC Off Campus
ONL Online
TBA To Be Announced