Office of the Registrar


Waitlisting is easier than ever! If you waitlist a course, you will be notified by email when a seat becomes available based on your priority.

FAQs on Waitlisting

How does waitlisting work?
When a student attempts to register for a full class they will be given the option to be added to the waitlist. When a seat opens in the course an email will be sent to the first student's email address. That student will have 24 hours from the time the email was sent to register through the Student Hub Self Service. If that student does not register in within 24 hours they will be dropped from the waitlist.

How do I get on a registration waitlist for a section?
You may get on a registration waitlist when you attempt to register for a section that is full. Click “Add” next to the section you would like to add.  In the registration summary, choose Wait List from the Action drop down menu and click Submit. The class for which you just signed up on the waitlist will appear on your Current Schedule on the Register for Classes page as "Waitlisted."

How will I know when a space becomes available in a class for which I am on the registration waitlist?
An email will be sent to your Xavier email account, notifying you there is a space available.

Once the email is sent, how long do I have to register?
You will have 24 hours from the time the email was sent. If you do not register by the deadline, you will be dropped from the registration waitlist. If you miss your registration deadline but still wish to register for the class, you may sign up for the registration waitlist again.

I have been notified that there is now a space available. How do I register?
On the Register for Classes, select the drop down arrow under Action. If you are eligible to register for this class, the option Web Registered will be displayed. Select this option, and click Submit.

What happens if I don't register for a course within 24 hours after receiving an e-mail notification?
You will be dropped from the waitlist.

What should I do if I did not register in time and was dropped?
Check the online schedule and reevaluate your options. There may be other courses or sections that have better availability. If no better options can be found you should immediately place yourself back on the waitlist, if there is still space available.

Can I be placed back on the waitlist in the same position if I don't add my course within the allotted 24 hour period?
No. If you do not add the course within the 24 period an email notification will be sent to the next person on the waitlist. The open seat will be reserved for them for 24 hours so they have time to register.

How do class restrictions work for waitlisting?
Restrictions work the same as regular registration. Students must meet all of the course prerequisites, co-requisites and restrictions in order to sign up for a class or a waitlist.

Is there a way for me to see how close I am to the top of a waitist?
Yes. You can log into your class schedule for the specific term. Under the Schedule Details tab, you will see your “Waitlist Position” in the entry for the waitlisted course.

May I get on the waitlist for more than one section of the same course?
No. When there are two or more sections offered of the same course you will have to choose which section you want to be waitlisted on. If you successfully register for a course you will also not be allowed to waitlist for another section of the same course since you already secured a spot.

May I get on the waiting list for a class that has a time conflict with another course?
Yes. Since the waitlist is not actual registration and accrues no charges it will allow you to be on sections that have day/time conflicts with other courses. If you receive notification about an available spot in a course with a time conflict you will need to make a change to your schedule before officially registering.

Can I place myself on a waitlist if there is a hold on my account?
No. The same restrictions apply to the waitlist that apply to registering for a course. If you have any holds on your account you will not be able to place yourself on the waitlist.

I received a waitlist email, but when I tried to register I couldn't because of a registration hold. What's wrong?
You may have had a hold placed on your account between the time you were placed on the waitlist and an email notification being sent. You will be unable to register until the hold is removed. For this reason, we strongly suggest students resolve all holds immediately. If a student receives a waitlist notification email while they have a hold on their account, it will need to be resolved in their allotted 24 hour period otherwise they will be dropped.

When is the waitlist function available?
Waitlisting follows the add/drop period for each term. It ends on the seventh day of the fall and spring terms. Please refer to the summer calendar for end dates related to waitlisting.

If an enrolled student drops a class and a seat opens up, can a student not on the waitlist take the spot?
No. Once a waiting list has been established for a class, only students on the waitlist will be able to add the course. Remember, the automatic waitlist process may take place while you are away, and you have 24 hours to add yourself to the class once the email notification is received. There are no exceptions as it pertains to this process, so we suggest you check your Xavier email twice a day and/or check your waitlist position.

I received an email telling me a space was available in a section and I could register. I didn't read it in time to register before the deadline. Now what?
You are responsible to routinely check your email. If you miss the deadline, you must re-add yourself to the waitlist if you still wish to register for the course/section. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

The section I want to register for doesn't have a registration waitlist. Why?
It is the academic departments' discretion to offer waitlists for their courses.

How do I know if I'm still on a waitlist?
You can view all registered and waitlisted courses on your schedule through the Student Hub Self-Service, under the Registration link.

Will my waitlisted courses show up on Canvas?
No. Only courses you are actually registered in show up on Canvas. Therefore waitlisted courses will not show up on the Courses drop down menu.