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Posted: 7/28/15 12:36 PM

During Manresa Move-In you will be encouraging new students and their families to recycle their move-in materials (i.e. cardboard, books, boxes, etc.) and directing them to the appropriate containers. This is a great way for those passionate about the environment to assist our new students! We need volunteers to help out with a few different jobs. A truck and two staff will be picking up cardboard from each dumpster area on a route and taking cardboard to compactor and baler. The jobs are: a) Give info card to cars and welcome them. B) Guard dumpsters (4) and divert cardboard. C) Thank you gift of chico bags to participants. D) Move cardboard into compactor and run system at Fenwick.  Anyone can volunteer for two hours or more. 

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Posted: 7/28/15 11:37 AM

Kick-off August with clarity, filling your fridge with local, wholesome & fresh produce grown organically right on our university’s campus! Your student farmers at Xavier Urban Farm are hosting an August Kick-Off Farm Stand THIS Sunday from 10AM-12PM to bring the fruits of their labor to the Xavier Community.



Right at the farm! 1714 Cleneay Avenue (visitors are encouraged to park temporarily in McGrath Health & Wellness Center’s parking lot)



Sunday, August 2nd10A-12P


What’s on the Menu?

Tomatoes (standard, grape & cherry), white & red potatoes, fennel, green beans, yellow crooked neck squash, Patty Pan Squash, cucumbers, green peppers (bell & sweet italian), herbs & more!  


Produce & Pricing Inquiries:           


To learn more about what we are growing for Xavier visit:


Instagram: xavierurbanfarm

Twitter: @xavierfarm 

For more information:

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Posted: 7/27/15 5:21 PM

Come relax and brown-bag with the Sustainability Team for these Open Forums. Ask the questions you have been wondering about - as we review projects underway, including Alter User's Manual, Energy Detectives, Composting, Farmers Market (new!), and More.

Time: 12:00 PM until 1:00 PM   Date: Wed, July 29 and Fri, July 31
Location: Kennedy Auditorium CLC 412

Wednesday, July 29: Food, Farm & Composting – Farmers Market (Sarah Kramer and Hannah Sheppard), Urban Farm (Jenny Neimeyer and Rebecca Woodul), Food Scrap Composting (Dan Sedlacek and Sarah Dorger)

Friday, July 31: Energy & Carbon Profile –  Energy Detectives +Awareness Campaign (Toffer Lundquist, Sr. Nancy Linenkugel), Alter User's Guide (Ann Dougherty), Carbon Profile (Matthew Thompson-Wilda, Jon Browne) and Review of Future Energy Opportunities (Ann Dougherty)

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