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Posted: 5/5/16 4:19 PM

Maybe you've heard of the Invertebrate Games?

Or maybe you haven't, because the cockroaches keep winning all of the events.

And the accommodations for the athletes are a bit bug-infested.

This summer, that all changes!

Xavier's Noyce program invites students from 5-8th grade to learn science while designing games, training invertebrate athletes, and designing facilities for the iGames

Who will your athlete be? A mantis? A cricket? A worm?

What can your athlete do? And where does it do it best? 

How can we train your athlete?

What should our iGame facilities look like?

This summer, take the field of science and bring your best to the iGames.

Our cost is $200 for each one-week day camp (campers start arriving around 8:30 each day and we finish around 4 each day). Lunch is provided. Some financial assistance is available.

Your camp will be run by Xavier's Noyce Internship program, featuring four math/science majors, mentored by Xavier faculty and assisted by alumni of Breakthrough Cincinnati. Experience our school-tested curriculum in a fun summer camp!

Camp weeks:
  • June 13 - June 17 -- 5th and 6th grade girls only
  • June 27 - July 1    -- 5th and 6th grade coed
  • July 11 - July 15   -- 7th and 8th grade girls only


Please register here.

 Send questions to Ashley Vaughn (


Xavier faculty and staff recieve a $25/week discount (they may also apply for financial aid).

For more information:

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Posted: 5/5/16 1:07 PM

Today from 1:00-4:00 pm, Library Staff will be sharing their dogs in the Library Garden on the first floor of the McDonald Library.  They -- the dogs not the Library Staff -- love a good pet or a good scratch! (Well, maybe the Library Staff too.)  On Tuesday, the students who took time to pet a dog reported receiving all As on the rest of their finals.  True fact!


2-Dog Petting 2016 Garden 1.jpg

3-Dog Petting 2016 Garden 4.jpg

Posted: 5/5/16 9:38 AM

There will be a number of renewal and replacement projects happening on campus this summer.  Please see this map for a list of projects. For more information, visit the Physical Plant website at and click on Projects – Capital and Projects – Renewal and Replacement. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve Xavier’s campus.

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