Office of the Registrar

Proxy Access for Families

Proxy access is a way for your student to allow you to see their university information or talk about it with Xavier staff.

If you've already activated your proxy logon, use the button below to login.

Parent Proxy Login

If this is your first time and still need to activate your account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Activate your Account

  1. Once your student has approved you for proxy access, you'll receive an email. In it, you will find a one-time use link, where you can complete the setup of your Proxy Access Account. Click the link and enter your password, which is also provided in the email.
  2. After you enter your password and click Submit, you'll be taken to the Reset Password page, where you will enter your email address, your password, and then a new password of your choosing. Enter your new password a second time in the Validate Password field and click the Save button.

Step 2: Student sets permissions

Your student will set permissions for the information you will have access to as a proxy. Once you have been notified by your student, go to Step 3.

Step 3: View information


  • After clicking on an authorized page (like 1098-T) a new window will launch. When you're finished viewing the information, close the browser window and you'll return to the authorized list.
  • Once you've finished you can close your browser.

Download a printer friendly version of these instructions

Note: If your student assigned a passphrase, you will receive an additional email "Proxy Access: Your Xavier Student's Information By Phone". This passphrase will be used to confirm your identity and allow phone calls or in-person discussions concerning your student's academic record.

***We may only discuss areas you were granted access to.***
Only your student can set up proxy access, change your access settings, or send you the passphrase.

Questions? Need help? Contact the Office of the Registrar at or (513) 745-3941.