Follow these steps to grant others permission to access information.

Step 1: Add Proxy Access

    1. Go to the Student Hub, click on "Self Service" and log on.
    2. Select the "Proxy Access" tab and select the link for "Proxy Management."
    3. Select "Add Proxy."

      proxy screenshot
    4. Enter the first name, last name, and e-mail address of the person you wish to grant proxy access. NOTE: Proxy Access is given using e-mail addresses, so make sure you use the correct email address.

      proxy screenshot
    5. Click "Expand" next to the proxy's name and complete the profile.
      1. Set the relationship type to "Parent or Legal Guardian"
      2. Enter a description of the reason why you are approving the disclosure and sharing of these records (examples: “Providing my mom with access to my student records”, “I want my parents to have access to my information”, “I would like dad to be able to receive information about my records”, “To discuss advising”, etc.)
      3. Enter a passphrase. This is only required IF you are allowing the proxy to have verbal conversations with anyone at Xavier University. This allows the university to verify their identity.
      4. If you would like, adjust the amount of time your parent will be given access (default is four years from today).
      5. If you set a passphrase, select the "E-mail Passphrase" icon. This will send your proxy an email with their passphrase.
    6. Wait for your parent to confirm by following the link in their email, then, have your parent complete steps 1-4 of "Activating Your Proxy Account". Then continue below.

Step 2: Your Proxy Activates Their Account

The person you just added will receive an e-mail asking him or her to set up a Password. You will also receive a copy of this e-mail in your Xavier account.

Step 3: Set Permissions

Click the "Authorization" link and select any permission you would like to grant to your proxy.


Get Started: Add Proxy Access Now

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Questions? Need help? Contact the Office of the Registrar at or (513) 745-3941.