Occupational Therapy

Level One Fieldwork

The goal of Level I fieldwork is to introduce students to fieldwork, apply knowledge to practice, and develop understanding of the needs of clients (ACOTE, 2018). Level I fieldwork is integral to Xavier University’s curriculum design and includes five Level I fieldwork experiences. Students will experience Level I and Level II with a variety of clients across the life span within a variety of settings.

Level I Fieldwork Evaluation of the Student

ACOTE requires that all occupational therapy programs communicate with the student and fieldwork educator about progress and performance throughout the fieldwork experience. (C.1.3). This is obtained through the use of the Level I Fieldwork Evaluation of the Student.

Level I Fieldwork Objectives

Level I Fieldwork Objectives allow academic and fieldwork educators to agree on established fieldwork objectives prior to the start of the fieldwork experience. All fieldwork experiences include a psychosocial objective (ACOTE standard C.1.3, 2018).

Level I Syllabi

Pediatric Level I Fieldwork (OCTD 614) – Pediatric fieldwork syllabus

Adult and Geriatric Level I Fieldwork (OCTD 712) – Adult and Geriatric fieldwork syllabus

Total Immersive Diversity Experience (TIDE) Level I Fieldwork (OCTD 714) – International fieldwork syllabus

Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE)

Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education Standards of Practice and Interpretive Guide (ACOTE, 2018) related to level II fieldwork are C.1.8 – C.1.9