Master of Science in Athletic Training

Professional Exploration / Observation Requirements

Purpose: Provide an opportunity for prospective students to gain realistic information about the profession of athletic training to aid the student in making an informed career choice.


Minimum Requirements:

Documentation of 40 hours of observations in an athletic training practice setting.  Certified Athletic Trainers work in a variety of settings including: High Schools, College and Universities, Professional Sports, Sports Medicine Clinics or Rehabilitation Facilities, Industrial Settings, Performing Arts, and the Military.


Observations must be done with a certified athletic trainer. 

Observations may occur at more than one site (for example, you may observe a High School athletic trainer for 10 hours, and a different athletic trainer at a college).  The total from all sites combined should be 40 hours.



Documentation of completed observation hours must be in the form of a verification letter.

The verification letter must include:

• The name and credentials of the Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) you observed.

• Contact information for the certified athletic trainer you observed. Please include an email address.

• The specific clinical setting (e.g. Norwood High School, Beacon Orthopedics, Cincinnati Ballet, etc.).

• The total number of hours observed.

• The signature of the Certified Athletic Trainer with the date.


* If multiple Athletic Trainers were observed at the same setting, please include the contact information for each Athletic Trainer, but only one signature is required.

* You must complete a separate verification letter for each practice setting.

* Please note that hours obtained under the supervision of a physical therapist do NOT count unless the individual is dual credentialed as with both ATC and PT.

Professional attire: In most athletic training settings, khaki pants, polo shirts, and closed toed shoes are acceptable. Please ask the Athletic Trainer you plan to observe what would be appropriate in their specific setting.

For more information about applying to the Master of Science in Athletic Training Program at Xavier University please contact Dr. Tina Davlin-Pater, Program Director, via email, or by office phone (513) 745-3430.