Master of Science in Athletic Training

Tuition, Fees, and Other Costs

Schedule of Rates

Tuition: View Details

Room and Board: Variable


Xavier Fees: Graduate Student Association Fee: $10 (Part-time), $15 (Full-time)

AT Program Course Fees:

  • ATTR 501: Athletic Training Skills: $185 (course materials, supplies, and EMR certification)
  • ATTR 531: Therapeutic Intervention 1: $100 (manual therapy certification)
  • ATTR 561: Clinical Experience 1: $30 (supplies) + $18 (professional liability insurance)
  • ATTR 562: Clinical Experience 2: $18 (professional liability insurance)
  • ATTR 600: Medical Issues in AT: $10 (supplies)
  • ATTR 663: Clinical Experience 3: $18 (professional liability insurance)
  • ATTR 664: Clinical Experience 4: $18 (professional liability insurance)

Books: Variable

Graduation Fee: $50

Other Costs:

Dress Code: Students may need to purchase clothing to meet the dress code requirements for their clinical assignment.

Transportation: Students are responsible for covering the cost of transportation to off-campus clinical sites.

Health Documentation: Students are required to provide up to date verification of immunizations prior to beginning of clinical rotations. Students must also provide annual proof of a current negative TB test.

Professional Conferences: There will be opportunities for students to attend professional conferences.

Professional Membership: NATA student membership and GCATA (Greater Cincinnati Athletic Trainers Association) student membership is encouraged but not required.

Background Check: Some clinical sites may require a background check.  Students may be responsible for covering the cost.