Master of Science in Athletic Training

Our Mission

Mission Statement

The Xavier University Athletic Training Program (XU-ATP) functions to prepare students, in the Jesuit tradition, to serve others through competent and compassionate healthcare. The XU-ATP provides a positive learning environment that fosters ethical decision-making, and collaboration with emphasis on instilling the values of continuous improvement and life-long learning. The XU-ATP merges rigorous course work with a variety of applied clinical experiences to build a strong foundation for a career in the field of athletic training.


Program Goals

Attitudes & Behaviors

  1. Student will approach patients as a whole being, taking into consideration the patient’s thoughts, feelings, culture, beliefs, 
  1. Students will demonstrate professional and interprofessional behaviors.
  2. Students will embrace professional development. 
  3. Students will embrace using evidence to make decisions.
  4. Students will feel appropriately confident in their skills and knowledge.   
  5. Program constituents (students, alumni, employers) are satisfied with the XU-ATP.


Graduation & Employment 

  1. Students will successfully complete graduation requirements and graduate on time. 
  2. Students will pass the BOC exam on the first attempt. 
  3. Students are prepared for employment in the field of athletic training after receiving their Master of Science degree in Athletic Training.


Program Delivery

Program Level       

  1. The program will focus on students as learners.
  2. The program will provide individual attention that encourages each student to reach their fullest potential.
  3. The program will respect and adjust for diversity.
  4. The program will be adaptable, flexible and responsive to evidence.
  5. The program will prepare students for life in a demanding health care profession.
  6. The program will ensure that all educational opportunities & placements are not prejudicial or discriminatory.
  7. The program will ensure that all program policies, procedures, and practices are applied consistently and equitable.
  8. The program will provide students with opportunities for involvement in professional development.

Curriculum (Didactic & Clinical)

  1. The program will provide a positive learning environment with effective teaching in didactic courses.
  2. The program will provide clinical experiences and supplemental clinical experiences that provide a logical progression of increasingly complex and autonomous patient-care and client-care experiences.
  1. The program will provide a variety of diverse clinical experiences that promote mastery of athletic training knowledge and skills.
  1. The program will provide educational clinical sites that provide a positive, safe working environment, meet program standards, and follow program policies and procedures.
  1. The program will provide students with positive role-models and effective Preceptors in their clinical experiences.
  2. The program will provide students with interprofessional collaboration experiences with a variety of health care professionals.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the XU-AT program will be able to know, do, or value the following as a result of their educational experience.

1.  Students will practice with professionalism and integrity.

2.  Students will engage in holistic patient-centered care, that is respectful and responsive to the preferences, needs, and values of an individual patient. 

3.  Students will be proficient in the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to be successful as an entry-level Athletic Trainer.

4.  Students will use written and verbal communication appropriately with clients, families, and colleagues.

5.  Students will think critically and use evidence to effectively solve problems and make decisions.

6.  Students will engage in personal and professional development.