Office of the Bursar

Collection Offices

PLEASE BE AWARE: If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a representative of a collections agency notifying you of a past due balance owed to Xavier, call our office immediately before sharing any information with the caller.

Xavier University has two distinct collection departments within the Office of the Bursar. The first collection department is called the Tuition and Fees Collection Department which is more frequently referred to as simply the Collections Department. The second collection department is the Loan Collection Office. Both of these offices are described below.

Loan Collection Office

The Loan Collection Office, part of the Xavier University Office of the Bursar, is responsible for the administration and collection of the Federal Perkins Loan, the Schell Honor Loan, the Noyce Scholarship, and the Nurse Faculty Loan Program.

We are pleased to be able to offer you online access to some basic information about these loan programs. You can also call Heartland ECSI which is the company Xavier partners with to help manage the four programs mentioned above. Heartland ECSI can provide you with any information you need regarding your Perkins or Schell Honor loan, the Noyce Scholarship, and the Nurse Faculty Loan Program. Their phone number is 1-888-549-3274 or your can visit them at

Xavier University employs Heartland ECSI to provide Perkins Loan borrowers with exit interviews. The exit interview emphasizes the obligation of the borrower to repay the loan. Exit Interviews are available online and the borrower is given instructions by email for accessing and completing the exit interview.

Heartland ECSI follows the guidelines outlined in the Federal Student Aid Handbook at for the administration, processing and collection of Perkins Loans. If a Perkins Loan borrower does not respond to normal billing procedures and contact methods, the account is assigned to an outside collection agency at which time collection fees are added to the balance due. Heartland ECSI reports the borrower to the nationwide credit bureaus as a requirement of federal regulations.

For more information please call the Bursar at (513) 745-3435, email [email protected] or visit the office in person.

Tuition and Fees Collection Department

The Tuition and Fees Collection Department (Collection Department), part of the Xavier University Office of the Bursar, is responsible for the administration and collection of any outstanding balance that is due the University from current and former students.

Unregistered students who have a past due balance are referred to the Collection Department to collect all tuition and fees which are due the University. A bursar hold is placed on the student's account which will block future registration and the release of transcripts and diplomas until the account is paid in full.

Students will be contacted by the Collection Department to request payment in full within 30 days of leaving the University. A collection email notice is sent to the student's Xavier email address explaining payment options and due dates. The Bursar's office will also mail a paper statement to the home or billing address on record in the next monthly billing cycle. Special payment arrangements over a short period of time (a year or less) can be arranged, if needed. Special payment arrangements require monthly installments and will be charged late fees (please refer to your Terms and Conditions of your original payment plan). The student will not be cleared to register or obtain transcripts and/or a diploma while making payments on a special payment plan. If payment in full is not received or a payment agreement made within 30 days, the account may be referred out to a third party collection agency for further collection efforts.

Departments within Xavier, after making attempts to collect an outstanding balance or tangible item, can transfer the amount due to the student's bursar account by following our Departmental Collection Policy and Procedure.

Collection Agency Accounts: If a tuition account is referred to a third party collection agency, the agency will immediately begin their process to make contact with the student. The student will have 30 days to make payment to the University. After 30 days, the agency will roll the account into full collection efforts and assess the account with collection fees and late charges (rates are subject to change). The agency will skip trace to locate the student, if needed, and will report the debt to the Credit Bureaus. Students will be contacted to make payment in full or set an agreeable payment arrangement with the agency. Accounts may be referred to their legal department for garnishments or other legal action if the student makes no attempt to resolve the balance. Once the account is paid through a collection agency, and the student wants to return to the University, the student will be required to sign a Master Promissory Note upfront before they will be eligible to register for classes and/or reinstated. Xavier University currently uses the following collection agencies for past due accounts. They are:
Reliant Capital Solutions, LLC: 1-614-452-6100
Williams and Fudge, Inc. (W&F): 1-800-849-9791

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Accounts: Tuition and fees owed the University are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Upon receipt of the Chapter 7 Discharge, the University will pursue full collection efforts to obtain payment. A Bursar Hold is applied during the bankruptcy process, but the release of transcripts and/or diploma will be permitted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Accounts: If a student includes their past due balance in their filing of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, a registration hold preventing future registration is in place until the account is paid in full through the bankruptcy decision. Transcripts and/or diploma may be released during the process.

For more information please call the Associate Bursar at (513) 745-3435, email [email protected] or visit the office in person.