Office of the Bursar

Holds and Cancellations

If I have a bursar hold on my account how do I get it removed?

Holds are placed on a student's bursar account for several different reasons and different offices can place the holds i.e. the Bursar's Office, Office of Student Integrity, McGrath Health and Wellness Center, etc. The most common reason a bursar hold is placed is when a balance is past due on the student's account. Holds will also be placed on accounts that have a balance due, not necessarily past due, just prior to priority registration for each semester. The University process includes not allowing a student to progress semester to semester until the prior/current semester(s) is paid in full. This includes the registration of classes for subsequent semesters. You can make a payment online. Many holds will be removed automatically once the student makes their payment. Other types of holds will be removed from their account the next business day. For payment information, see Ways to Pay.