Accessibility and Disability Resources

Course Substitutions

Students with documented disabilities have the right to request a course substitution of an academic requirement for a degree program. Math and second language are the two areas for which most substitution requests are made.

Any requests for a course substitution must be presented to the Academic Substitutions Committee for approval. This committee meets once a semester. Therefore, it is important that you begin the petition process during the fall semester. Students are cautioned against requesting an academic substitution late in their degree programs.

To petition to have an academic substitution students must:

  1. Follow the steps to become registered with Accessibility and Disability Resources
  2. Submit documentation supporting your request
  3. Complete the petition form which will be given to you at the time of your appointment with Accessibility and Disability Resources

The documentation must clearly indicate the functional limitations of a disability or disabilities that prevent a student from meeting an academic requirement such as math or second language.

A student’s substitution request can be denied even with supporting documentation if the course is deemed to be an essential requirement to the major.

If approved, the committee will determine appropriate courses for substitution. Students will be notified via email of the decision regarding the request.