Accessibility and Disability Resources

Accessible Media Services

Accessible Media Services provides materials in accessible formats for students with print disabilities. Formats may include electronic text, large print, audio materials, and/or braille. Materials are prepared by request and may include: textbooks, syllabi, handouts, recommended readings, materials posted to Canvas, etc.

Due to processing time required, it is crucial to submit requests as soon as possible. Requests may take approximately 6 weeks to produce. Advance notice is of vital importance. Submitting a request as early as possible makes it more likely that materials will be received prior to the start of the semester.

Students are expected to notify the Assistive Technology Coordinator of any problems accessing provided accessible media.

Accessible Media Services guidelines are designed to assist the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR) in providing students with timely and effective accessible media services. ADR continues to be actively engaged in identifying ways to better serve students with various types of print disabilities. If there are questions about the process, contact the ADR Assistive Technology Coordinator at 513-745-3007 or by email at

Accessible Media Services Process

  1. Student is approved for accessible media materials accommodation.
  2. Student submits an accessible media request by Accessing AIM for books or the Additional Materials Request form for other files
  3. Confirmation of request emailed to student
  4. Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources (ADR) processes requests and searches for requested materials in appropriate accessible media
  5. Student submits Proof of Access, as required
  6. Accessible Media materials shared with the student through AIM or OneDrive.
  7. Student informs Assistive Technology Coordinator of any problems accessing materials

Reading Electronic Text

Xavier University provides students with access to Read&Write to provide text-to-speech for electronic files. Refer to the Text-to-Speech page for information regarding installing and using the Read&Write software.