The Williams College of Business

MBA Global Study Course - Israel

This course is designed to help students:

  • Experience how a variety of businesses innovate in a capitalistic country in the Middle East

  • Explore culture of Israel to find connections to the history of the "Holy Land" with the current social, political, economic, business and innovation culture.

  • Explore the relationship between significant companies and industries both in Greater Cincinnati and Israel.

  • Build on the Jesuit value of reflection as it relates to exploring a new cultural and business experience (in a location often reflected in a negative way from sight in the media).

As part of the course requirements, students will have a project where they apply the knowledge of innovation from their experience and research of Israel. Ideas include innovation in the areas of Sustainability, Healthcare, Technology/Analytics/Data Security, Social/Political/Economic Issues or Intrapreneurship within a student's current corporation or industry.

Course Components (BUAD 688):

  • Pre-Trip Lecture: Two mandatory four hour lectures

  • Pre-Trip Assignment: Country overview, and research on innovation and area of focus

  • Country Immersion: 10 days in country business visits/ cultural exploration/ marketplace observation

  • Post-Trip Assignment: Project around area of innovation and Reflection piece

  • Post-Trip Meetings: One mandatory three hour meetings for final project presentations

Sample Syllabus: Click here to download

Sample Itinerary:Click here to download

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