The Williams College of Business

Graduate Business Students Academic Standards and Expectations

It is the responsibility of the student to return this form to the Graduate Business Programs office (120B Smith Hall) before course enrollment begins.

As a student in a Xavier Graduate Business Program, you are subject to the following standards & expectations and program regulations. It is in your best interest to know your responsibilities and rights as a student at Xavier University. It is strongly advised that you review the University catalog online at h to know all information applicable to you as a member of the Xavier community. Xavier University maintains authority over student behavior on campus, and reserves the right to investigate and subsequently to take University action for behavior of Xavier students in off-campus situations when such behavior is believed to have an impact on the surrounding community or the University, and to determine the fitness of the student for continued enrollment.

  1. Graduate Business students are subject to the University's policy regarding academic honesty. Academic honesty and ethical behavior are expected of all Graduate Business students, including when representing the University at off-campus events and travel experiences.
  2. Each Graduate Business program is a professional program. As such, students are expected to conduct themselves in professional manner such as they would comport themselves in an office, career based environment.
  3. Students must take all courses designated as part of their program at the time of admission. Pre-requisites must be checked before registration. Foundation-level courses must be completed before upper-level core courses. If a student should somehow take an upper-level course before a lower-level course, the requirement of taking the lower-level course is not eliminated and must be fulfilled.
  4. If a student should attempt to test out of an MBA foundation-level course, the waiver examination must be taken by the end of the first calendar year in the program for part-time students or by the end of the first semester for full-time students. (MBA Only)
  5. All Xavier Graduate Business students must be in good academic standing by maintaining a "B" average or better. Though grades of "C" are acceptable for graduate credit, they are not encouraged. No grade below "C" is accepted for graduate credit. If, at the end of an academic semester, a student's cumulative grade point average falls below 3.0, the student is placed on academic warning. Academic warning serves to caution the student that his or her academic performance is below standard. A student whose cumulative grade point average is below 3.0 for a second semester and/or who receives a semester grade point average below 3.0 is subject to academic dismissal.
  6. The Xavier Graduate Business Programs are on a +/- grading system. The grading system used in each class varies by professor; thus, reviewing the syllabus is very important at the beginning of each class.
  7. A student on provisional or conditional admission must meet the requirements of said admission before being fully admitted into their respective Graduate Business program. Should the student not meet the requirements of the provisional or conditional admission, the student will face academic action such as course retaking, academic warning and/or academic dismissal.
  8. Provisional admission status excludes a graduate business student from financial aid eligibility. A grade point average of 2.8 is mandatory for federal financial aid; a grade point average of 3.0 is mandatory for any Xavier-awarded financial aid.
  9. One unacceptable grade (below "C" and including "VF" or "Vanish Fail") is grounds for immediate program dismissal.
  10. No academic credit is granted for a course in which an unacceptable grade is received. If such a grade is received, the student will face one or more of the following: a) academic warning; b) mandatory repeat of the course at a later time so the unacceptable grade is replaced in the cumulative grade point average; c) academic dismissal.
  11. A student may register for the same course no more than three times, including all course withdrawals.
  12. The credit hours of a repeated course are counted only once. It is the responsibility of the student to submit the repeated course form to the Office of the Registrar for processing. While all grades are displayed on the student's official academic record, the most recent grade counts in the student's grade point average, even if it is lower than the original grade.
  13. An overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is required to graduate. All students must apply for graduation by the deadline as determined by the Office of the Registrar. Students who meet other graduation requirements but whose cumulative grade point average is below 3.0 may be given permission to retake a course so that the cumulative grade point average is raised to meet this minimum.
  14. It is the responsibility of the graduate student to become and stay informed concerning all program regulations and procedures. In no case is a regulation waived or an exception granted because a student pleads ignorance of the regulation or asserts that information was not given by an advisor or other authority. Students are governed by all policies and procedures in place at the time of enrollment.