Office of Residence Life

Brockman Hall


  • Mostly double (2 students) rooms are available. Some expanded occupancy -triple rooms (3 students) are also available.
  • Limited quad rooms available.
  • Community-style bathroom and shower area featured.
  • Handicap accessible rooms available.
  • Rooms are furnished with twin beds, desks, chairs and a built-in wardrobe.
  • Rooms are air conditioned and feature Xavier internet connectivity and cable hookups.
  • Building features include a laundry facility, kitchenette, study lounges and recreational rooms.

Floor plans


  • Double and Expanded Occupancy Room: 12' x 141/2'
  • Handicap Accesible Triple/ Quad Room: 24' x 28'
  • Windows: 34" H x 54" W, includes mini-blinds and screens
  • Closets: Built-in, one per resident
    Measures: 21" W x 73" H x 27"
    Shelf Space: 20" W x 73" H27" D with 2 movable shelves
  • Desk: 48" W x 24" D
  • Mattress: Twin or Twin XL
  • Suggested Carpet Size: 9' x 12'
Brockman Built In Closet Unit
Brockman Double Beds Unbunked

Brockman Double Decorated