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Web Grading

Please view our tip sheet for a quick reference!

To enter grades for courses at the conclusion of an academic term:

  1. From the Employee Hub click on 'Self-Service' and login.
  2. Click on the 'Faculty/Advisor Services' tab.
  3. Select the correct term from the pull-down menu and click 'submit'.
  4. Select 'Enter Final Grades'.
  5. You will be given a pull-down list of the courses you are teaching this term.
  6. Choosing a CRN and clicking 'submit' will provide a grading roster.

Note: the primary instructor must enter the grades for courses with more than one instructor of record.

Choose the appropriate grade from the pull-down menu. For more information, please reference our Grading Scale.

If you find a student's name missing, please send a note ~ including the student's name, course, and appropriate grade ~ to the Registrar's Office and we will research the problem.

If you find a student's name on your roster whom you don't think should be on your list, a grade must still be entered. The fact that the student is still on the roster indicates that the student never properly dropped the course and is responsible for the grade earned.

When you are finished entering grades for a class, click the "submit" button on the bottom of the page. You can either "exit" or "return to menu" to select another class.

Be sure to log out [exit] and close your web browser when you're finished.

Instructors can still return to roster and enter grades for students who have not received a grade while online grading is open.