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Posted: 7/30/15 10:19 AM

Xavier University Purchasing is pleased to announce a new local hotel page, one that automatically presents Xavier rates, and credits the university as the driving force behind the transaction.

There are no service fees required to use the service and anyone visiting Xavier, whether they are traveling for official business or family purposes can use it.  We encourage you to direct anyone visiting Xavier or the Cincinnati area to utilize the site. 

To view the page, click below, then on the hotel logo of your choice.



Posted: 7/29/15 2:45 PM

Mark Hawkins, beloved son of Sharon Hawkins, has passed away.  Sharon is a Special Eduation adjunct and has been with the Xavier family for 20 years. Funeral services will be held on Saturday, August 1 at the Word of Deliverance Church, 693 Fresno Road in Forest Park.  Visitation will be from 10 a.m. - 12 noon follwed by the church service at noon.


Posted: 7/29/15 8:45 AM

XU.tutor is now 3 modules instead of 6. New content and interactivity were added.

The links to the individual tutorials have changed! If you have these embedded in your Canvas courses, please change your links to the following:

FIND  covers formulating a search strategy and searching databases to find resources

EVALUATE  covers evaluating sources (books, articles, and websites) to determine if appropriate resources have been found

USE  covers plagiarism and copyright

XU.tutor homepage 

For more information contact; Anne Davies: davies@xavier.edu or Vicki Young: youngv@xavier.edu


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