Office of the Provost

Ad Hoc Groups & Initiatives

This site provides information on ad hoc committees, working groups, task forces and initiatives convened or appointed by the president or provost from Fall 2018 onward. They are listed by the date of formation with the most recent first.

Fall 2020


  • Rev. Nelson Pierce, Jr.
  • Dr. Julia O’Hara


  • Munachimso Anachebe
  • Dora Jefferson-Gaynor
  • Anne Ryckbost
  • Dr. Bill Madges
  • Dr. Gwendolyn White

The committee was tasked to come up with a slate of names (with rationale) for renaming Justice Hall that will be submitted for a campus vote as well as forwarded to Fr. Graham for his consideration.

Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Co-Chairs: Tim Kruse (WCB) and Mason Rick (Office of the Bursar)

Membership includes staff and faculty from the UPRC and the BC.

Members from UPRC include staff from Staff Advisory Committee and faculty from the four colleges:

  • Sarah Brinker-Good - SAC (EMSS)
  • Adam Clark - CAS
  • Terri Enslein - CN
  • Tim Kruse - WCB
  • Alison Morgan - SAC (Library)
  • Doug Olberding - CPS

Members from the Benefits Committee represent University divisions and include faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff:

  • Jen Droege - Provost area
  • Mike Goldweber - CAS
  • Kristen Renzi - CAS
  • Mason Rick - Financial Administration
  • Brett Sanders - Administration
  • Margie Simon - Provost area
The Salary and Benefits Restoration Task Force (SBRTF) is charged to establish a plan to recommend to the Benefits Committee (BC) and University Planning and Resource Council (UPRC) how the University should prioritize the restoration of salaries and 403(b) contributions, in light of the reductions that took place following the COVID-19 related shutdown of campus operations.

June 2020-ongoing

Chair: Lauren Laker, PhD - WCB, Chair XTC Academic Subcommittee


  • Becky Cull, JD (General Counsel)
  • Molly Dugan, EdD (Director of Student Integrity)
  • Jeff Edwards (Associate Provost and CIO)
  • Bruce Erikson (CAS, XTC Academic Subcommittee Member)
  • Tom Hayes, PhD (Dean, Williams College of Business)
  • Holly Kaminski (WCB, XTC Academic Subcommittee Member)
  • Mary Kochlefl, PhD (Assistant Provost for Online and Continuous Learning)
  • Julie Kugler-Ackley (CPT, XTC Academic Subcommittee Member)
  • Amy Van Horn, DBA (WCB)
  • Andrea Wawrzusin, EdD (University Registrar)
  • Daniel Wooddell (Instructional Design and Technology)
  • Faculty Commttee Representation (rotating):
    • Dalia Diab, PhD (CPS, Faculty Committee Member)
    • Marco Fatuzzo, PhD (CAS, Chair of Faculty Committee)
  • Liaison available ad hoc for questions:
    • Michelle Eckert (CN, XTC Academic Subcommittee Member)

Sponsors: Jeff Edwards and Melissa Baumann, PhD

Academic misconduct appears to be both a pervasive and growing phenomenon and if not addressed, it could threaten the credibility of Xavier University and the degrees conferred. This group was formed to update the academic integrity policies and procedures at Xavier. In order to achieve this goal, these recommendations focus on a comprehensive approach that includes leveraging relationships with the AJCU institutions, updating policies to make the expectations of academic integrity clear and consistent, educating students and faculty on these new policies, giving faculty a clear method to enforce the process, educating the faculty on pedagogical and technological methods for addressing academic integrity, and leveraging the technology and legal teams currently at Xavier. The goal of this approach is to help create a cultural shift across the campus and move Xavier towards becoming a leader in academic integrity among institutions of higher learning.

January 2020-ongoing

Chair: Jeff Coleman - Vice President, Risk Management


  • Rachel Chrastil, PhD - Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jean Griffin - Dean of Students
  • Jim Hartman - Human Resources Business Partner
  • Dave Johnson, PhD - Associate Provost and Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Kevin Lavelle - Director of Brand Strategy
  • Brenda Levya-Gardner, PhD - Dean of the Graduate School
  • Dennis Long, PhD - Associate Dean, College of Professional Sciences
  • Lea Minniti - Executive Director of Student Support and Senior International Officer
  • Kelly Pokrywka - Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Dave Rigdon - Practice Manager, Xavier Health Services
  • Doug Ruschman, EdD - Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications
  • Bob Sheeran - Vice President for Facilities
  • Dustin Thorn, PhD - Associate Professor, Sport Studies
  • Robert Warfel, JD - Chief of Police / Director of Public Safety

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January 2020-December 2020


  • Rachel Chrastil - Associate Dean / History
  • Sean Comer - Government Relations
  • Dave Johnson - Associate Provost for Student Affairs and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Take It On 2020 aims to fulfill the following goals:

Goal 1: Build the campus capacity for constructive, reflective dialogue
Goal 2: Create spaces for engagement with difficult issues
Goal 3: Proactively prepare for challenges in 2020, notably regarding the 2020 election, and build capacity to be responsive to those who seek to break our community bonds
Goal 4: Create an umbrella structure for supporting this work

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Fall 2019-ongoing

Leadership (* Sprint Team Members):

  • * Kelly Pokrywka (Enrollment Management & Student Success)
  • * David Johnson (Student Affairs)
  • * David Mengel (College of Arts and Sciences)

Task Force Members (* Sprint Team members)

  • Leah Busam (Student Engagement)
  • * Jen Droege (CAS)
  • Kimberly Dulin (Success Coach)
  • * Dottie Engle (Biology, Health Sciences Committee)
  • Marco Fatuzzo (Physics, Faculty Committee)
  • Renea Frey (Writing Program)
  • * Jean Griffin (Dean of Students)
  • Joel Houlette (Residence Life)
  • * Daniel McSpadden (TRiO)
  • Dena Morton (Mathematics)
  • Niamh O’Leary (First Year Seminar)
  • * Mason Rick (Bursar’s office)
  • Jim Snodgrass (Retention)

Staff to Sprint Team

  • Gary Lewandowski (CAS –process)
  • Morgan Thompson (Enrollment –data)
  • Justin Daffron, S.J. (Board of Trustees)

In support of the 2019-2020 University Goals, identify strategies and recommend appropriate funding to strengthen first-year undergraduate student belonging and thriving. Focus on leveraging significant recent university efforts and investments to more intentionally align and integratethe strategies for first-year student success across institutional divisions. Progress towards 90% first-year retention is a key measure of success.

Spring 2019-Spring 2021


  • Shannon Byrne, Professor (Classics & Modern Languages), Chair (Music & Theatre)
  • Rachel Chrastil, Professor (History), Director of Accreditation, Associate Dean (College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Debra Mooney, Vice President for Mission and Identity


  • C. Michael Chikeleze, Associate Professor (Leadership Studies & Human Resource Development)
  • Rebecca Cull, Associate General Counsel
  • Jeff Edwards, Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer
  • Marco Fatuzzo, Professor (Physics), Chair of Faculty Committee
  • Liz Johnson, Associate Professor and Chair (Computer Science)
  • Kevin Lavelle, Director of Brand Strategy 
  • Dennis Long, Associate Dean (College of Professional Sciences)
  • William Madges, Professor and Chair (Theology)
  • Carol Maegly, Assistant Vice President for Provost Budget and Planning
  • Michele Matherly, Associate Dean (Williams College of Business)
  • Esmeralda Nastase, Associate Professor (Mathematics)
  • Niamh O'Leary, Associate Professor (English)
  • Daniel Otero, Associate Professor (Mathematics)
  • Anne Ryckbost, University Archives and Special Collections Librarian
  • Joseph Shadle, Director, Center for Mission and Identity
  • Emily Shipley, Director of Institutional Research
  • Andrea Wawrzusin, University Registrar

The HLC Reaccreditation Steering Committee developed the Assurance Argument in preparation for the HLC Comprehensive Evaluation in 2021. It includes faculty, staff and administrators from across the University.

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November 2018-May 2019

Co-Chairs: Tom Merrill (Associate Provost) and Bob Sheeran (VP, Facilities)

  • David Mengel – CAS Dean
  • Paul Gore – CPS Dean
  • CPS faculty – Nancy Linenkugel , Linda Moore, Lisa Jutte, Libbie Bragg
  • CAS faculty – Blis DeVault, Mollie McIntosh, Kelly Phelps
  • WCB faculty – Rashmi Assudani, Greg Smith, David Houghton
  • Michael Svihlik – Registrar’s Office
  • Dave Lococo – Physical Plant
  • Dan Crespo – Financial Planning and Budgets Office
  • Macey Windley – SGA Academic Affairs Student Representative
  • Nathalie Panczuk – Planning and Project Management Office 

The opening of the HUB will create some space vacancies in Cohen, Joseph, McGrath, O’Connor and the fourth floor of Schott. To help determine the best use of this space, the ad hoc ASRT will assess departmental/program space needs and make recommendations to the Provost and the CBO.

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Fall 2018-Fall 2019


  • Tom Merrill – Associate Provost
  • Bob Sheeran – VP, Facilities


  • Sean Comer – Government Relations
  • Jeff Edwards – Associate Provost and Chief Information Officer
  • Ken Gibson – Director, University Library
  • Jeff Grossman – University Library
  • Julie Kugler-Ackley - CPS
  • Ryan Kambich – Student
  • Alison Morgan – Assistant Director, University Library
  • Rick Mullins – Chair, Faculty Committee
  • Esmeralda Nastase – CAS
  • Pete Owendoff – Development
  • Richard Polt – CAS
  • Alison Russell – CAS
  • Anne Ryckbost – University Archivist
  • France Sloat – Communications
  • Greg Smith – WCB

As part of the regular building maintenance schedule for the university, McDonald Library is slated for renovations including the replacement of the original HVAC system, an upgrade to the elevator system, and the need to bring the stairwell on the academic mall side of the building up to code. Additionally, there is a distinct possibility that the library will be the likely home of the Boehner Archives. With the required structural changes, the McDonald side of the library may be offline for as much as a year.

An opportunity exists to reimagine the library space to:

  1. Take advantage of new technologies in library space management and information
  2. Create broader and richer opportunities for student/faculty/staff interaction
  3. Become a destination space for students and faculty

A task force has therefore been formed with input from each college and the faculty committee to investigate current best practices, emerging technology, and create a plan for a future renovation. 

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This website developed out of a need identified by Faculty Committee and by the HLC Reaccreditation Steering Committee in 2020. With the approval of the President and the Provost, Marco Fatuzzo, Anne Ryckbost and Rachel Chrastil drafted the process and oversaw its initial implementation. The purpose of this website is to:

  • Promote, demonstrate and document shared governance at Xavier
  • Develop a culture of documentation
  • Assist with archiving for long-term preservation
  • Identify and remedy gaps in our recording processes and protocols
  1. This site is under the purview of the Provost and Chief Academic Officer.
  2. When a group is formed or convened by the president or provost, the membership, start date and charge is shared with the Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, who then updates the website with this information.
  3. Likewise, when the work of the committee is completed, the chair of the group provides a link to a final report (this may be behind a Nexus firewall) and/or website to the Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. If the final report is confidential in nature, the link to a redacted final report should be provided.
  4. A link to this Shared Governance site will be added to the Faculty Committee website.
  5. The Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs will coordinate with the University Archivist for the transfer of documentation into University Archives.