Department of Political Science

Local Internships

The department's local internship program allows students to take one of our online internship courses for credit while serving as an intern in a governmental, campaign, party, legal or nonprofit organization. "Local" internships can be taken here in Cincinnati, or virtually any state or locality that the student calls home (in most cases, non-Ohio locations are eligible but check with the department chair to make certain).

The department's online local internship courses include:

  • POLI 392: Policy Internship (tutorial, offered as needed, talk with your advisor)
  • POLI 395: Campaign Internship (offered in summers of even years)
  • POLI 397: Political Internship (fall, spring and summer)
  • POLI 398: City Internship (fall, spring and summer)
  • POLI 399: Political Communication Internship (fall, spring and summer)

To earn course credit, students are required to work 12-16 hours during the Fall and Spring semesters, or 16-20 hours during the summer.

How do you get a local internship?

For internships in Cincinnati, the department will send out information several times a semester regarding local offices that are seeking applications for interns. Most governmental offices and campaigns offer opportunities for internships, so students are encouraged to think carefully about where they want to work and to contact the offices directly to inquire about the internship application process. Students are also encouraged to work with the Xavier Career Center to create a professional resume prior to applying for an internship.

Have questions or need more information?

For more information on local internships, contact Dr. Mack Mariani, chair of the Political Science Department.