Department of Political Science

International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major. Our students concentrate on particular regions of the globe - Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe - and study their languages, history, political structures and economies.

Students also study abroad in order to gain a deeper understanding of cultures all over the world. Internships in international businesses, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations allow students to develop professionally with hands-on experience. International studies majors become leaders and activists promoting justice, growth and sustainability.

At present, Xavier offers four concentrations within the major: International Business, Europe, Latin America and Post-Colonial Studies. International Studies is an ideal major for students who seek challenges in the classroom and who are interested in the larger world around them.

Students majoring in international studies are:

  • Informed, ethically aware citizens able to assess international developments, trends, dilemmas and policy issues.
  • Critical thinkers and doers equipped with the skill and tools necessary for successful engagement with global and local processes.
  • Equipped to examine conflict and cooperation in our increasingly interconnected world.

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