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Video Editing

Editing Your Video

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The Digital Media Lab offers support for paid and free software to help you assemble your video. Visit the Digital Media Lab in CLC for access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Camtasia, and other paid software. Below you can find resources for free software to use on your own machine.


Free software that the Digital Media Lab supports for use on your personal computer. Used for editing video, adding music, and exporting finished files for sharing. Available in the Windows App Store for Windows 10 and Windows 11, and as a web app for Mac, Chromebook, and other devices.

Adobe Premiere

Cross platform professional, paid software that the Digital Media Lab supports on PC and Mac. Used for editing video.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

This page contains links to several Adobe Premiere Pro instructional videos. Recommended topics include:

Apple iMovie 

Mac software for editing video, recording narration, and exporting finished files for sharing


Cross platform software that the Digital Media Lab supports on PC and Mac. Used for converting video clips from one file type to another (i.e. .MOV to .MP4, .MTS to .AVI), and compressing existing video clips to make them smaller files for sharing

Sharing and Storing

  • Youtube - most commonly used for publicly sharing videos, YouTube does have privacy settings that allow you to limit access if needed.
  • Vimeo - Similar to Youtube, but different quality and privacy controls.
  • OneDrive - Secure online storage built in to your Xavier email address, OneDrive currently offers 1 TB of sharable storage space for free while you are a student.