Digital Media Lab


The Digital Media Lab offers a variety of resources to facilitate learning on all facets of photography and image-editing.


  • Photography Workshops
    A few times each semester, Jessica Murphy holds free DSLR / manual photography workshops for beginners in the Digital Media Lab. To learn more and register, visit our Workshops page.
  • Stock Photography
    Stock Photography Options
    This list includes options for quality royalty free images. 

  • Editing Images with Adobe Lightroom
    Lightroom Classic is our recommended platform for professionally editing images. Education discounts are available for those who have a .edu email address. 
    Lightroom Classic Tutorials from Adobe
  • Adobe Lightroom Tutorials


  • Phone Photography  - Recommended Apps
    VSCO CAM (Android & iPhone)
    Adobe PhotoShop Express  (Android & iPhone)
    Camera+ - and improved camera experience over the built-in camera app (iPhone)
    Camera360 - and improved camera experience over the built-in camera app (Android)