Digital Media Lab

Fall 2020 Events

The Digital Literacy Imperative:
What Faculty Can Do

Monday, September 14, 3:00-4:15

In this interactive webinar, digital communication experts Hahner and Woods explain why faculty in higher education should foreground digital literacy in their curriculum and lesson plans. This will support faculty in integrating digital literacy into their teaching across disciplines.

The integration of digital literacy across Xavier’s classes will prepare students to better engage public discourses as citizens as we prepare for the 2020 elections and beyond. Designed as an interactive workshop, this event will involve audience participation that prepares faculty to engage questions of digital literacy immediately in their classes.

Drawing on cutting edge research in communication and digital pedagogy, this webinar invites faculty members to practice innovative teaching methods to equip students to meet the challenges of 2020 and beyond. Participants can expect to engage with new pedagogical tools and strategies with application across academic disciplines. 

This presentation is part of Take It On 2020. It is sponsored by the Communication Department and Digital Media Services, and funded through Xavier Mission Animators.

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