Auxiliary Services

Towing Policy

Revised, MAY 2023

                              Vehicle Immobilization and Towing Policy & Procedures

Xavier University requires those parking on campus to abide by all parking rules and regulations. At times parking situations require punitive measures beyond just the issuance of a citation.  Xavier Police and/or Parking Services have the authority to decide that a vehicle should be immobilized or towed for the facilitation of University operations and/or violation of parking regulations. Read Xavier University Parking Policy (PDF)

While the University strives to avoid towing vehicles as much as possible, there are situations in which towing may be necessary. The University is not responsible for damage resulting from the vehicle being towed.  All fees associated with towing will be the responsibility of the owner/operator of the vehicle.  All vehicles will be towed to, and impounded by the designated towing company. Exception being, vehicles with valid student or employee permit towed from restricted lots on Men’s Basketball home game days will be relocated to designated on campus lot and impounded by Xavier Police.  

The following is a list of some of the most common infractions that may cause a vehicle to be towed:

  • Blocking a fire lane or hydrant
  • Blocking a roadway, drive or loading dock
  • Blocking a dumpster
  • Blocking other vehicles
  • Creating a real or potential safety hazard
  • Parking in an area not defined as a parking space
  • Parking in violation of posted signs
  • Parking in a reserved parking space, without proper permit, license plate or permission
  • Blocking a pathway needed to facilitate University operations (e.g., construction, emergency, etc….)
  • Is determined to be abandoned on University property
  • Parking in an area reserved or closed for an event. Signs will be posted in lots and electronic communications will be sent to permit holders at least 24 hours in advance of the event outlining lot restrictions

Immobilization:  Xavier Police utilizes a vehicle immobilization device, in an effort to avoid towing vehicles when possible and as punitive measure in addition to a citation. If your vehicle has been immobilized please read any warning notices that are applied to your vehicle and take the appropriate corrective action. The University is not responsible for damage resulting from the vehicle being immobilized. 

Immobilized vehicles not claimed by their owner/operator within five (5) days of attempted notification may be subject to towing.  Fines and other unpaid citations must be settled before the immobilization device is removed.  Unauthorized tampering with a device will result in a $500 fee. If a device is damaged, an additional cost to repair or replace will be assessed to the owner/operator of the vehicle.

The following is a list of some of the most common infractions that may cause a vehicle to be immobilized:

  • Multiple Citations:  A total of five (5) citations, paid or unpaid within one Academic year.
  • Using a revoked, altered or stolen permit
  • Owned or operated by an individual with outstanding delinquent parking tags
  • Parking in a reserved space without proper permit, license plate or permission
  • Parking in violation of posted signs

Abandoned Vehicles: 
Vehicles left unmoved for five (5) consecutive days on University property, without a valid University parking permit will be considered abandoned. Xavier Police will make a reasonable attempt to contact the vehicle owner by both phone and written notice. If the owner cannot be reached or the vehicle is not claimed within seven (7) calendar days of written notification attempt, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense. Only exceptions are for student or employee vehicles displaying a valid permit and also parked in appropriate lots per University Policy.

Any questions regarding this policy can be forwarded via email to or to Xavier Police non-emergency line 513.745.2000