Accessibility and Disability Resources


Read&Write is a program which supports reading, writing and studying with a toolbar available on multiple platforms. It is provided to all Xavier students, faculty, and staff free of charge. Accommodations are not required to use Read&Write (for use during in-class assignments, such as tests, contact your course's professor).



  • Speech-to-Text technology
  • Screenshot reader: Reads screenshots of traditionally inaccessible text
  • Highlight function
  • Collect highlights function: Collects highlights of all colors and places them in a new Microsoft Word document with a citation
  • Spell check
  • Dictionaries (Traditional and picture-based)
  • One-Word translation
  • Word prediction (For writing)
  • Screen masking (Makes all of, or portions of, the screen darker)
  • Underline cursor function


  • Takes up space on the screen
  • Apple products put the toolbar on top of the rest of the screen (hiding portions of the screen)

Tips & Tricks

  • Go into the Word Banks section of the settings, and add those relevant to your area of study
  • If Read&Write is mispronouncing a word, adjust it's pronunciation in the settings by typing in a phonetic spelling