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Private Scholarship Options

Private scholarships are scholarships awarded by outside institutions such as businesses, non-profit foundations, and other independent organizations. Xavier University works to provide a diverse range of scholarship opportunities for our students. Take a look at the list belowincluding the various search engines located at the top of the list, to see if there are any additional awards you may qualify for.

Private Scholarship Search Engines


Accredited Schools Online

Affordable Colleges Online



The Columbus Foundation



Going Merry

Great Lakes National Scholarship

Healthcare Scholarships

Minority Students Scholarships

Nursing Explorer: Scholarship Database (Not limited to nursing students)

Psychology Scholarships

RN to MSN Scholarship Guide

The Sallie Mae Fund (Undergraduate)

Sallie Mae Graduate School Scholarships



Student Scholarship Search




The Voice of Black Cincinnati

Private Scholarship Listings 

180 Medical Scholarship Program (Amount: $1,000)

ABC Fundraising Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers (Amount: $1,000)

Actuarial Diversity Scholarship (Amount: Varies)

Allied Van Lines Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Anthony Muñoz Foundation Scholarship (Amount: $20,000)

Ballachy Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Best Master of Science in Nursing Degrees (Amount: $2,000)

Bonsai Finance Entrepreneur Scholarship (Amount: $2,500)

Bridging the Dream Scholarship for Graduates (Amount: $20,000)

Bright Star Technology Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Capital Auto Auction STEM Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Car Loans of America Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Career Fitter (Amount: $1,000)

Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation (Amount: Varies)

Cleveland Foundation Scholarship (Amount: Varies)

College Journalism Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

College Now/Greater Cleveland (Amount: Varies)

Community Hero Scholarship (Amount: $5,000)

Computer Science Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Conex Boxes, Inc. Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Daniel Goldberg Scholarship (Amount: $13,000)

Department of the Navy: Navy Recruiting Command

  • Amount: Up to $42,000
  • Scholarship Criteria:
    • 3.0 GPA
    • Applicant must be working toward a degree as a dentist, environmental health specialist, health care administrator, optometrist, physician's assistant, physical/occupational therapist
  • For more info contact:
  • 1-800-US-NAVY Navy opportunity Information Center P.O Box 3155 Warminster, PA 18974

Digital Marketing Scholarship (Amount $1,000)

Diversity in Data Science Scholarship (Amount $1,000)

DriveSafe Driving School Scholarship (Amount: $1,500)

Earnest Scholarship (Amount: $5,000)

Education.com Scholarship (Amount: Varies)

Extreme Terrain Student Scholarship (Amount: $3,000)

Find Answering Service Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Female Business Leadership Encouragement Scholarship (Amount $10,000)

Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship (Amount: $8,000)

Garden Club of America Scholarships (Amount: Varies)

Global Teletherapy (Amount: $1,000)

Grad Coach Scholarship (Amount: $2,000)

GreenPal Business Scholarship (Amount: $2,000)

Health Wholeness Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

IntelligenceBank Marketing Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Internet Marketing Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Key Thinkers Scholarship (Amount: $2,500)

Lakeview Health (Addiction) Scholarship (Amount: $3,000)

Legal Studies Scholarship (Amount: $2,500)

Maptive Scholarship (Amount: $2,500)

Military Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship (Amount: $8,000)

Music Lovers Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

National Debt Relief Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

NCERT Books Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Nextiva Business Scholarship (Amount $1,000)

Nigeria School Scholarship (Amount $1,000)

North America Van Lines 2019 Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

OCEA - Ohio Cooperative Education Association Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

OppU Achievers Scholarship (Amount: $2,500)

OurMillitary Veteran Recognition Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Pallidium Engineering Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

PixelPlex STEM Scholarship (Amount: $2,000)

PNC Scholarship Sweepstakes (Amount: $2,000)

Remembering a Life Scholarship (Amount $2,500)

Responsify Empowering Others Scholarship 2020 (Amount $1,000)

Sarm Guide Scholarship (Amount: $2,000)

"Save a Life" Healthcare Scholarship (Amount: $1,500)

Sheryl Brown Internet Marketing Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Solid Essay Scholarship (Amount: Varies)

Teachinguide Learning Online Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Techrolet Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Time Clock Go Scholarship (Amount: $2,500)

UNCF Scholarship (Amount: Varies)

US Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (Amount: Varies)

Velvetech Web Design Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Visual Art Scholarship Program (Amount: $1,000)

Your Money Geek Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

The Youthist Scholarship (Amount: $1,000)

Zip Recruiter Scholarship (Amount: $3,000)