Emerging Leaders Retreat FAQs

Who Can Attend?

First-Year and Second-Year Students
Any first- or second-year student is welcome to attend. Campus organizations, offices, staff and faculty are also welcome to nominate/sponsor students to attend the retreat. 

Benefits / What to Expect

What are the benefits to participating?
The Emerging Leaders Retreat is a fantastic opportunity to hone your leadership skills, network with other students, and learn the steps to become a Xavier leader. Many retreat graduates assume significant campus leaders roles.

What should I expect?
The weekend retreat is a great opportunity to network with peers and learn a little something about yourself. It includes a variety of team building activities, interactive games, and small group discussion. Be prepared to share information about yourself and have fun getting to know other Xavier students.

Before You Go

What do I need to do before the retreat?
1. Apply for the retreat on OrgSync.
2. Once selected, complete the Xavier Overnight Experience and Health History Forms.
3. Ensure payment has been made in full. Confirm fee and payment with sponsoring organization,
if applicable.
4. Pack as instructed on the packing list sheet.
5. Arrive for the bus at designated departure location and time.

Cost to Attend/ Registration

How do I register?
Registration will be open for the Emerging Leaders Retreat in September. The form can be found on Org Sync or by following this link: https://orgsync.com/32534/forms/367174

How much does it cost to attend?
The Emerging Leaders Retreat is $65.00 per person. This covers the cost of transportation to and from the retreat, all meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch, and snacks) and all supplies.

Who pays for the retreat?
Payment for the retreat can be issued via cash, check or with a major credit/debit card in the Office of Student Involvement (GSC 210). Students may also apply for financial assistance through the Friedlander Family Fund. The Friedlander Fund was created to reduce the financial burden for students who wish to be involved in collegiate engagement opportunities. Students may apply for the Friedlander funds via the following link: https://www.xavier.edu/student-involvement/friedlander-family-fund-application/index
Many offices and student organizations on campus also pay all or a portion of the retreat costs for their delegates. Check with your sponsoring organization to see if they are able to help pay for the retreat.

What if I don't have a sponsoring organization?
We welcome emerging leaders who may not be connected with a specific club or organization. If you are interested in attending the retreat but are not affiliated with an organization, fill out the registration form and please pay by cash or check.
What are the accepted forms of payment?
Offices and student organizations can complete an interdepartmental charge form. The Office of Student Involvement will initiate the charge forms and send the necessary paperwork to the office or organization. Students may pay in cash, check payable to Xavier University, or with a major debit/credit card. It may be possible for some students to use the Friedlander Fund to help cover the cost of the retreat.


What to Bring?

What should I bring?
All participants will receive a packing list and final reminders prior to the retreat. The packing list generally includes bedding (sleeping bag, blanket, pillow), toiletry items, towel, washcloth and comfortable clothes appropriate for winter weather.

Location / Transportation

Where is the retreat?
Higher Ground
How do I get to the retreat?
All participants are provided bus transportation to the retreat.

What are the accommodations?
Participants are lodged in cabins equipped with beds, bathrooms and showers. Male and female students sleep in separate areas.

Conflicts / Cancellations

What if I get sick or can't attend at the last minute?
Please call to notify us if you can no longer attend the retreat. Unfortunately, we are not able to reimburse you for your retreat fees as we pay based on our expected number of participants prior to the event.

What if I have a class which conflicts with the departure time on Friday?
We will do our best to help arrange transportation for students who need to arrive late. Given the short
length of time for the retreat, it is preferable that all participants can attend for the full length of time.


Please contact Deb Ayoade, Assistant Director for Leadership and Activities at 513.745.4250 or ayoaded@xavier.edu.