Leadership Definition and Model

 Leadership framework: Values-driven, influential, collaborative, purposeful, learnable

Xavier Student Leadership is…

  • Values-driven: leadership is a values-driven, ethical and moral process; leaders act with self-awareness and in congruence with their personal values and morals to serve the common good.


  • Influential: leadership is a capacity to influence actions, behaviors, and opinions; leaders use influence rooted in responsibility and integrity to inspire and motivate change. Leaders don’t need a formal title or position to set a positive example for others.


  • Collaborative: leadership is a relational and inclusive process focused on bringing about a shared vision; leaders use their influence with and for others, not unto others.


  • Purposeful: leadership is action-oriented and mission-driven; leaders aim to accomplish a goal and create positive change.


  • Learnable: leadership is an integrated set of skills, abilities, and behaviors that can be learned and developed; leaders understand that leadership is an on-going process, not a destination.