Recreational Sports

Annual Awards

Club of the Year Winners

Year Team
2021-2022 Men's Volleyball
2020-2021 No award presented
2019-2020 Men's Volleyball
2018-2019 Dance Team
2017-2018 Dance Team
2016-2017 Dance, Swimming, Men's Volleyball
2015-2016 Gymnastics, Fencing, Men's Volleyball
2014-2015 Dance, Men's Volleyball
2013-2014 Women's Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Men's Volleyball
2012-2013 Women's Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Men's Volleyball
2011-2012 Women's Soccer, Tennis, Men's Volleyball
2010-2011 Women's Soccer, Crew, Rugby
2009-2010 Golf, Rugby
2008-2009 Rugby

Club Sport of the Year - "Doc Comparetto Award"

Dr. John E. ("Doc") Comparetto, a pediatric surgeon and lifelong boxer, devoted his time to the Xavier University Boxing Club from 1986 until his death in September of 2004. Doc understood the inner strength and personal development Boxing imbued in its participants, and gladly volunteered his time several nights a week during the school year in the Armory, as he helped generations of students grow and develop into responsible leaders and well-rounded individuals through their participation with the Boxing club.

 Club Sport of the Year winners are determined by the points each club earns in a variety of categories and the winners receive a financial bonus added to their budget at the end of the academic year.