Recreational Sports

HUB Reservation Form

HUB 102/103 and HUB 402 (4th floor commons) are currently managed by David Wiley, Associate Director of Recreational Sports. Academic classrooms/signage are managed by the Registrar's office.

  • HUB 102/103 may fit up to approximately 50 people, HUB 402 may fit approximately 200 people.
  • Both spaces are equipped with six-foot, rectangular tables – no round tables, and no “long” tables. All table are on wheels and are collapsible.
  • These spaces are equipped with Solstice and microphones. 402 has 4 microphones (two hand helds, two shirt clip mics). Only 2 microphones can be used at the same time. Mic 1 of the hand held and Mic 1 of the lavalier cannot be used at the same time. Same for the hand helds. 
  • ***All set up and tear down are the responsibility of the reserving party***
  • The Recreational Sports Department does not have an event staff for these areas.
  • Physical Plant is unable to provide support for event set up/tear down.
  • Storage closet access and microphones can be accessed and located in the cabinets inside the space. You may also check in at the front desk of the Recreation Center on the first floor, if you are in need of the closet to be unlocked to gain access to additional chairs/tables. If our facility is closed, please coordinate ahead of time with the Rec Sports staff for any assistance that may be needed.
  • Classroom Support is unable to provide microphones.
  • These spaces are offered at a first come-first serve basis, and often times our spaces are reserved months in advance.
  • All needs of the space for a reservation, should be fulfilled by the reserving party.
  • All trash shall be placed in the containers, or removed from the space before the reservation time ends.
  • Please empty the refrigerator out with any items your party places inside of them
  • These are the ONLY two spaces that Rec Sports oversees, please reach out to the Registrar’s office if you wish to reserve any other space inside the HUB.
  • We reserve the right to alter any reservations made, based on university/division/department needs.
  • All reservation requests will be confirmed via email upon receipt of the request. Please allow up to 48 business hours before following up about the request.

Please submit the form below at your earliest convenience and it will be sent to David Wiley (, Associate Director of Recreational Sports. All reservation requests will be confirmed after receiving them via email. Please note, the only way to reserve these spaces – are by filling and submitting the form below.