Recreational Sports


We are excited to offer memberships to all Faculty/Staff of Xavier University in the Recreation Center. Memberships are extended to the faculty/staff only, as we unfortunately cannot offer family memberships at this time. All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please speak with the Coordinator of Membership Services and Business Operations if you need to freeze your membership or have an extenuating circumstance. 

Membership Categories


  • Those defined as Faculty/Staff include the following:
    • All Xavier Employees (including Adjunct Faculty) 
    • XU ROTC
    • XU Retirees
  • All Faculty/Staff must have a valid All Card to purchase a membership. Current and retired Faculty/Staff can get their All Card through Auxiliary Services.
  • We do not sell memberships to spouses/family of faculty/staff.
  • Faculty/Staff parking passes trump Recreational Sport parking passes. Faculty/Staff are ineligible for a parking pass through the Department of Recreational Sports. 
  • If you are a faculty/staff of Xavier University, and also a full or part time student, your faculty/staff status trumps your student status, and you are not entitled to a student membership, and must purchase a faculty/staff membership. 
  • Faculty/Staff can sign up for payroll deduction of their Recreational Sports Membership
    • Fill out online form to sign up for payroll deduction. New dates will be announced and you'll be able to find that link in the bullet below once it is announced.  
      • When the link is live, you'll be able to find it here. Check back soon for the new link. 
    • Your membership can be deducted one of two ways:
      • All $120 from one single paycheck (first paycheck)
      • $20 deduction from six consecutive paycheck (first six paychecks)
  • If you choose not to sign up for payroll deduction, you can purchase your membership using a credit or debit card at the Membership Services Desk. Due to COVID-19, we will no longer be accepting cash at the Membership Services Desk. Membership will be good for one year from the date membership was purchased. 
  • Memberships are $120/year. Memberships must be paid upfront for the whole year, and are non-refundable and non-transferable. We'd love to give you a tour of the facility before purchasing your membership to see if its the right fit for you! 

Additional questions about membership? Contact the Coordinator of Membership Services and Business Operations, Lauren Rausch, at or at (513) 745-3254!