Population Health

Population Health Academic Support

The minor has a faculty Director who is available to advise and guide students on the minor in population health requirements. Contact the Director of the Center for Population Health.

Students are to select four courses totaling 12 credits from the following list of courses that contain the approved attribute for population health (more are expected). No more than six hours may come from a single department:

Courses Approved for Fall of 2020

Courses Approved for Fall of 2020
Course Title Course Code Department Course Number
Intro To American Health Care HESA Health Services Administration 101
Population Health HESA Health Services Administration 345
Internship II HESA Health Services Administration 372
Immrsv Lrng: Population Health HESA Health Services Administration 373
Quality Management and Performance Improvement HESA Health Services Administration 380
Foundation of HC Law & Ethics HESA Health Services Administration 390
Indep Study in Health Admin HESA Health Services Administration 498
History of Epidemic Disease HIST History 237
Occupational Justice I: Foundations HOCS Human Occupation Studies 323
Community Health Nursing NURS Nursing 470
Epidemiologic Methods In Health Care Services NURS Nursing 864
Abnormal Psychology PSYC Psychology 277
Health Psychology PSYC Psychology 368
Economics of Society SOCW Social Work 208
Adolescence - Older Adulthood SOCW Social Work 300
Spanish in Community Health Settings SPAN Spanish 332
Microbiology BIOL  Biology 200
Introduction to Environmental Science BIOL Biology 260
 Introduction to Environmental Science Lab BIOL Biology 261
Parasitology BIOL Biology 227
Virology BIOL Biology 364
Seminar: Air and Water Pollution BIOL Biology 397
BIOL 398 Seminar: Environmental Studies BIOL Biology 398
Medical Genetics BIOL Biology 430

Additional Course Are being Considered:  


The following are other courses we have identified that likely meet the objectives and will be solicited to apply:


ECON395 Economics of Poverty

EDME 359 Community and Advocacy in Education

HIST114 History of Native American Health

NURS132 Health and Culture

SOCI375 Sociology of Health

SOCW208 Economics of Society

SOCW299 Child Welfare and Development

SOCW315 Values, Poverty and Society

THEO312 Christian Health Care Ethics