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Graduate Colloquium

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The recent graduate colloquium was in partnership with the city of Norwood. The graduate students worked with community members including marketing and communication, and the fire department to work on Norwood's Community Health Improvement Plan. 

Healthcare Innovation Series for Employers

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We’re excited to announce the 2nd year of the Healthcare Innovation Series for Employers, presented by the Xavier University Center for Population Health.





Previous Webinars:

June 7th, 2023: Behavioral Economics – Effective Incentives to Health Behavior Change

View the Webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBoD7eOaoyA


June Webinar Flyer with speakers








January 25, 2023: Mental Health Prevention at the Workplace

View the Webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPyhesGKY38


January Webinar Speakers lineup


November 30, 2022: Do benefits impact talent recruitment and retention?

View the webinar: https://xavier.zoom.us/rec/share/M9jxhH3qbH-Le33KWchBWSG8SdACwswl1VhcgNNzyTptU81PCUxCbVpf3AdbMNbf.1uRTCBciZlI5WiN8?startTime=1669814998000 


Maureen Balent: Senior Vice President, Director of Benefits at Fifth Third Bank
Matt Mikolajewski: Benefits/Compensation Analyst
Mark Brown: Vice President Human Resources at Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum
Robert Dunham: Director Of Clinical Services at TriHealth

September 28, 2022: Price Data Transparency Deregulation

View the webinar: Price data transparency deregulation edited clip.mp4


Robert V. Miller, Ph.D, President & CEO - IntelliQ Health Insights. Ross Klosterman, MPH, Co-Founder at Poppins Health. Michael Thompson, President & CEO - National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions. Craig Osterhues, Global Health Services Lead at GE Aviation

May 18, 2022: Workplace Well-Being Trends and Innovations

Roundtable Link: https://youtu.be/OGc4O80haNc

Speakers: Greg Harmeyer, co-founder and CEO - TiER1 Impact; Eric Neuville, VP of Business Development - Marathon Health


February 16, 2022: How to Combat Rising Health Care Costs – Pros and Cons of narrow networks from local health systems.

Roundtable Link: https://youtu.be/aWzUEOB8T6U

Speakers: Timothy Maloney, JD, MHSA, VP Payor Relations- UC Health; Bill Banks, VP of Managed Care - St. Elizabeth Healthcare; Terri Hanlon-Bremer, MSN, RN SVP Employer Solutions and Population Health - TriHealth; Billie Jean Mounts, FHFMA, CRCR, CSMC, Chief Revenue Officer - Bon Secours Mercy Health; Tim Cappel, Executive Director of Population Health - The Christ Hospital Health; Chris Chirumbolo, CEO - Carespring Healthcare Management