Population Health

Interprofessional Graduate Colloquium


This inaugural interprofessional event was sponsored by the Xavier Center for Population Health, in partnership with the Norwood City Health Department.

This event brought together Xavier graduate students from different academic programs, and City of Norwood community leaders to partner on solutions for community health/wellness concerns, consider varied aspects of the concern, and begin problem solving for potential solution(s).

Community Topics, and student solutions:

  • Re-Integration of Veterans into Community - Includes consideration for tapping into veterans for community workforce, civic volunteers, and addressing mental health and wellness. The support representative will include an individual from the Veteran's Administration and Jennifer.

Click here to view students Carolyn Springer OTD/S & Lénine Rukebesha OTD/S proposed solutions.

  • Preparedness for Medical Emergencies - Includes responses to epidemics and first responders for medical services (Medic, EMT) from Norwood Fire Department. The support representative could include someone from Norwood Fire Department, a representative from the Health Collaborative's medical preparedness team, and Pam.

Click here to view students Chandler Murray & Lilly Bradley proposed solutions.

  • School Bullying/Absenteeism for Middle School Personnel - This would include potential training for teachers, educational information for parents and students. This would include Norwood City Schools representative(s) Glenna Edwards (Middle School Family and Student Support Services).

Click here to view students Anna Whitacre OT/S, Olivia Cooper OT/S, Margaret Michaletz BSW, Mercy Torres BSW, and Natalie Larkman Psy.D./S proposed solutions. 


For inquiries please email Dr. Ronis-Tobin at [email protected]