Population Health

About the Center for Population Health

Goals of the Center for Population Health

  • Support the initiatives of University faculty interested in pursuing research and education in the area of population health;
  • Develop community-academic partnerships and coordinate responses to community needs;
  • Create learning opportunities for students across the University to interact with each other, community professionals and workers on population health initiatives;
  • Assess and address health disparities and inequities among local communities by researching social determinants of health and wellness, along with other factors;
  • Explore challenges and strengths of local health-care systems and social services in providing system alignment in delivery of equitable care across diverse populations;
  • Share knowledge gained through publications, presentations, workshops and conferences;
  • Secure financial support for the Center’s activities through grant funding and contracts;
  • Develop academic programs and learning opportunities for student research, service-learning, and involvement in faculty initiatives in population health.