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X Vaping


What is X-Vaping

Vaping is a growing concern for many school districts. Addressing vaping may be expensive.  To help, the Xavier University’s Center for Population Health developed a free intervention.  X-Vaping is a tier-2 vaping intervention program designed for high school students who are caught vaping at school or are in possession of vapes/e-cigarettes on school property. This modular educational program is easily integrated onto most academic platforms as Canvas and Blackboard. It takes roughly an hour to complete. Students will watch videos, review presentations, watch YouTube videos, complete quizzes, and answer reflection questions. 

We created X-Vaping in English and in Spanish! 

Program Modules

The program is divided into several modules on the school’s academic platform which include: 

(1) Introduction (i.e., an overview of what will be covered in the program)

(2) What are E-Cigarettes and How Do They Work (e.g., what is in e-cigarette aerosol, different names of e-cigarettes)

(3) Nicotine and Vaping (e.g., how much nicotine is in a vape pen, how the brain responds to nicotine, how the body responds to nicotine)

(4) Vaping and Stress (e.g., e-cigarettes boost emotional stress, other ways to handle anxiety/stress)

(5) What is the Big Deal (e.g., e-cigarettes increase the risk of heart disease and heart attacks, e-cigarettes create a weakened immune system)

(6) Other Issues (e.g., defective e-cigarettes can cause fires/explosions, children and adults can be poisoned by e-cigarette liquid)

(7) Advertising and E-Cigarettes (e.g., e-cigarette companies target youth with advertisements, flavorings can be cytotoxic)

(8) Vaping and COVID-19 (e.g., individuals who vape are at an increased risk of worsened COVID-19 symptoms)

(9) How to Quit Vaping (e.g., resources for creating a quit plan)

(10) Resources and Wrapping Up (e.g., resources for dealing with nicotine cravings, how to help someone you know quit vaping or smoking).

X-Vaping in English

X-Vaping in Spanish


How can my school start using X-Vaping?  

To get X-Vaping, simply contact Dr. Victor Ronis Tobin ronistobinv@xavier.edu or call (513) 745-3508.