Population Health

Submission Guidelines

The application will be submitted via email to Dr. Victor Ronis-Tobin at ronistobinv@xavier.edu.

The application packet will include the following:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Budget and budget justification.
  3. Project Description (five-page maximum; please use single spacing, a minimum 12-point font, and a minimum 1” margin.):
  4. Introduction and Statement of Purpose: State the activity for which you are requesting funding for and explain how the proposed activity will enhance your activities and the CPH’s mission.
  5. Description: Provide details of the aims, methods, and expected outcomes of the proposed activities.
  6. Plans for Dissemination: State how you intend to leverage the grant for future activities, or how you intend to promote your experiences or outcomes both to the campus community and outside of the institution.
  7. Timeline or Management Plan: Provide a timeline or description of the activities over the (up to) one-year funding period. If applicable, describe how the project will be managed.
  8. A letter from the department chair/program director of each department represented by the proposal is required. (If an applicant is a department chair or program director, a letter from the dean is required.) In this letter, the chair(s) should indicate their level of support for the proposed project and indicate the curricular improvement that is expected and how it may impact the program.

The 2021 proposal deadline will be determined this fall.