Department of Political Science

Political Science Minor

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The Minor in Political Science is a five course, 15-credit minor designed to provide students with the foundations of the political science discipline while providing them with the opportunity to engage more deeply in a particular area of study of their choosing.

Required Coursework (12 hours)

The political science minor requires coursework in the four major fields in the discipline, including:

  • Comparative Politics (POLI 120: Introduction to Comparative Government)
  • American Politics (POLI 140: Introduction to American Politics)
  • International Relations (POLI 277: International Relations)
  • Political Philosophy (POLI 301: Political Philosophy, or an alternative political thought course with the permission of the department chair)
Political Science Elective Course (3 hours)

In addition, the political science minor requires students to take a minimum of three hours of political science electives (generally, one three-credit course).

  • Political Science Elective Course (POLI 200-499)

Students may choose among these (and other) political science elective courses:

  • POLI 234: Chinese Politics
  • POLI 244: Middle East Politics
  • POLI 246: Media and Politics
  • POLI 275: Politics of War and Peace
  • POLI 280: Irish Political Culture
  • POLI 307: The Politics of Commerce and Character
  • POLI 309: Montesquieu and Tocqueville
  • POLI 318: Science, Civilization and Sustainability
  • POLI 320: Global Islamic Politics
  • POLI 347: Supreme Court on Civil Liberties
  • POLI 359: Campaigns, Elections and Parties
  • POLI 367: Gender and Politics
  • POLI 368: Politics in Dictatorships
  • POLI 372: International Political Economy
  • POLI 374: US Foreign Policy
  • POLI 393: Quantitative Analysis
  • POLI 397: Political Internship
  • POLI 398: State and Local Internship
  • POLI 399: Political Communication Internship
  • POLI 401: Washington DC Internship
  • POLI 401: Washington DC Internship Course

NOTE: To earn the minor, students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative average in their political science coursework.