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Political Communication Minor

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The minor in political communication at Xavier University is an interdisciplinary one that brings together the resources and expertise of faculty from the departments of Communication Arts and Political Science.

The Political Communication minor enables students to explore the process through which citizens learn information about political actors, decisions and institutions and the role played by the media, political parties, campaigns, interest groups, and governmental (and non-governmental) agencies in the political process. The minor also provides students with an opportunity to develop oral and writing skills that are central to the students' academic and social development, while enhancing their ability to understand the political process and contribute effectively to civic life.


To earn a minor, students must successfully complete 18 credits in the following courses:

  • POLI 140: Introduction to American Politics
  • POLI 359: Campaigns, Elections, and Parties
  • COMM 206: Writing for the Media (Writing Elective)
  • COMM 221: Intro to Digital Media
  • COMM 385: Media, Democracy and the Public or POLI 246: Mass Media and Politics
  • POLI 399 Political Communication Internship or COMM 398: Communication Internship I

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