Xavier Police

Office Crime Prevention

  • Inventory ALL office equipment. The list should include the brand name, model, color, and serial number. Keep the list updated. For assistance, contact XUPD at 513 745-2000.
  • Install locks on office equipment, especially computers and typewriters. This protects against burglary as well as sneak thieves.
  • Insist that employees place purses and other valuables either in a locked desk or file cabinet. Purses placed in the typewriter compartment of desk are not safe as long as the desk is unlocked. The thieves look here first!
  • Place RESTRICTED AREA signs conspicuously in the building where needed. This will tend to discourage thieves, and give an incentive to employees to make a note of and report building roamers or suspicious persons.
  • Inquire of people wandering the building. Your attention will be appreciated if the person is legitimate and will discourage thieves if this is not the case.
  • If people pretend to be seeking employment, ask to see proper identification and refer them to the Office of Human Resources. This will usually frustrate and discourage the building roamer and thief. Always report these incidents to the Xavier University Police.
  • Your office lay-out should restrict movement of the public. Public and private areas should be well defined.
  • Should a theft occur, or you have a suspicious person in your building, call the University Police right away. Don't be apathetic with situations like these. The thief is depending on this.