Xavier Police

About Xavier University Police


Mission Statement

Xavier University Police Department serves our university valuing and protecting all through one mission embracing constitutional rights, diversity, community, and justice, with integrity and discipline. Striving for both individual and organizational excellence, we commit to improving the quality of life for those we serve while providing and protecting a safe community where all may thrive.


To Protect, Serve, and Educate

Department Values

We value human life, constitutional rights, individual differences and contributions, sense of community, integrity, purposefulness, openness, justice, discipline, individual and organizational excellence and being caring.


The Xavier University Police are responsible for the protection of lives and safeguarding of buildings and equipment; Deter and prevent crime; Educate the Xavier community in all aspects of crime prevention and survival; Enforce state statutes, city ordinances, and university policies; Apprehend violators, file affidavits, and serve warrants; Assist with traffic control and parking operations; Assist with fire fighting and fire safety inspections; Investigate complaints, offense reports, auto accidents, and any other unusual or suspicious activity on campus; Open and close campus buildings and property at prescribed times; Assist injured/ill persons; Assist stranded motorists; Escort students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus during hours of darkness; Establish and maintain good working relationships with community officials, student groups, and other police and security agencies and courts.