Xavier Police

Crime Prevention Programs

Throughout the year Xavier University Police provide specialized crime prevention programs to students, faculty and staff.

With the emphasis on personal safety, we provide comprehensive programs designed to educate students, faculty and staff in all areas of crime prevention.

Some ongoing programs include:

  • Active Agressor Response - is a program designed to train all members of the Xavier Community on how to respond if an incident involving an active aggressor occurs on campus.
  • Operation Identification - a program designed to educate the community about risk management and opportunity theft.
  • Sex and Aggression in Relationships - is a program designed to educate and discuss the subject of date rape a problem which is becoming frighteningly evident on college campuses. We will define acquaintance rape, offer suggestions on how to avoid it, and give information on how to help a victim. Rape is not just a problem for women. Men and women must work together to bring about the changes in our society needed to end sexual violence.
  • You Could Have Been Ripped Off - was initiated and designed by the Campus Police Crime Prevention Unit. The program was established to combat the increase of opportunity thefts on campus.
  • Crime Prevention Update- is used to update the campus community about specific crimes and concerns on campus.
  • Xavier University Neighborhood Community Watch - is a community based crime prevention effort. The program has been initiated for the following reasons:
    1. To educate residents in crime prevention techniques;
    2. To help reduce crime in the community;
    3. To establish communications within the neighborhood and create better relations between Xavier University and our neighbors.
  • Campus Police also participates in the campus-wide Alcohol Awareness and Drug Education Week.

Crime prevention programs are sponsored throughout the school year and are offered free of charge for all students, staff and faculty members. The topics range from rape prevention to dormitory and room security. For more information contact XUPD at 513-745-2000.