Music Programs

Opportunities for Non-Music Majors

The Department of Music provides a wide range of musical experiences to enrich the education of all Xavier University students. A variety of music courses and ensembles are open to all.


Non-Major Courses

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With the exception of MUSC 150-152 (which require basic music reading ability), the following courses require no music experience:

  • MUSC 100 - Basic Music Theory
  • MUSC 102 - The Beatles in Context
  • MUSC 103 - Classical Music Through Film
  • MUSC 105 - Hip-Hop: Music & Culture
  • MUSC 106 - Music in Film
  • MUSC 107 - Music and Video Games
  • MUSC 108 - Music, Love, and Death
  • MUSC 111 - Music: The Art of Listening
  • MUSC 112 - Music: Now!
  • MUSC 113 - American Popular Music
  • MUSC 114 - Jazz: American Creative Music
  • MUSC 116 - Women in Music
  • MUSC 117 - History of Rock
  • MUSC 119 - Creating Hip-Hop
  • MUSC 127 - GarageBand, Logic & More
  • MUSC 150 - Class Piano
  • MUSC 151 - Class Voice
  • MUSC 152 - Class Guitar

Minors in Music

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Many students find that the combination of a minor in music with any other major is an attractive option at Xavier.

Private and Group Lessons

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Instrumental and vocal lessons are available for credit to non-music majors. A non-music major may register for private applied study for one credit hour if (1) the student demonstrates a level of ability and experience appropriate to college music study, and (2) the applied music instructor has room in his or her load to teach a non-music major. Variable fees apply to each course and are specified in the course listing.


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Xavier's performing ensembles frequently attract non-music majors. Each year several hundred students earn academic credit by participating in ensembles. Most are non-music majors but are talented musicians who make a high-level commitment to musical performance as an ongoing part of their University experience. Non-music majors should note:

  • Ensembles are regular classes and carry one credit hour.
  • Most ensembles require a placement audition, occurring at the beginning of the semester.

Ensembles with the largest population of non-music majors are:

  • MUSC 260 - Concert Choir
  • MUSC 261 - Women's Chorus
  • MUSC 265 - Symphonic Wind Ensemble
  • MUSC 270 - Chamber Orchestra
  • MUSC 271 - Jazz Orchestra
  • Pep Band (perform at Xavier basketball games!)

Performing Arts Grants

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These highly competitive grants in amounts up to $2,000 per year are annually awarded to excellent student musicians who participate in select instrumental or vocal ensembles, regardless of their major course of study.

Learn more about PAGs